The Elevator

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This story was contributed by dollygrand

There was this tale of a haunted factory that I'd heard numerous times as a child. According to the rumor, if you stepped into the old elevator the place had, you could hear a man singing right behind you. It was just a horror story, obviously. My older brother once went there with his buddies and told me afterwards he hadn't heard a thing.

"That's the elevator," my friend, Morgan, whispered, pointing a flashlight at a rusted cage at the back of a wide hallway.

Of course, me and my friends had to go see it for ourselves.

We approached the cage elevator in the dim light. There was a staircase surrounding the shaft, spiraling upwards until it reached the sixth floor. We stopped in front of the elevator and listened to the sounds. All I could hear was the wind blowing through the broken windows and some pigeons flapping their wings.

The place sure gave me goosebumps. Even though it was a bright day outside, the factory was so dark we all had to use flashlights. The air was cold and humid even though it was almost smoldering hot outside.

"Grandpa told me that the owner's son died in it only a week after this place was opened," the oldest of us, Riley, said quietly. "He was a singer and his dad hated it."

"Do you think the owner killed him?" Morgan asked.

"Grandpa seems to think so. He worked here when it happened."

"How did he die?" I whispered, not wanting to go any closer to the elevator.

"See those flowers?" Riley asked, pointing the light up, highlighting the old-fashioned railing that prevented people from falling into the shaft. The decorations on them were forged to look like flowers and vines. "His scarf got caught in them and he got strangled to death."

"That sounds like an accident to me," Morgan said.

I nodded. The elevator only had metal fences as walls, so a scarf could easily fit through the gaps and get caught in the sharp petals of the railing.

"Unless the owner strangled him and then framed it as an accident," Riley said with a sinister voice. "So! Who's going in first?"

"Not me." I shook my head sternly, and so did Morgan.

"Fine." Riley snorted and stepped forward. "Remember, if you hear singing, you have to close your eyes. It won't kill you if you don't look at it."

"How do you know that?" Morgan asked with a shaky voice when Riley pried the rusted gate open.

"Everyone knows that. It won't kill you if you don't look at it, and it can't leave the elevator."

My brother had told me something similar as well. I hugged the flashlight against my chest when Riley stepped into the elevator before turning around to give us a smirk. "I'm not hearing any songs."

I hadn't even noticed how tense I'd been until that moment. I let out a deep breath, relaxing a little. Riley stepped back out, giving us both questioning looks. "Who's next?"

I took another deep breath and stepped closer to the elevator. It was just a stupid ghost story. Nothing to be afraid of.

I closed my eyes when I stepped through the gate, coming to a halt right in the middle of it. The floor let out a quiet creak under my weight and I held my breath. I listened to the silence around me for a moment before I dared to let the air out and finally opened my eyes.

"Nothing," I said as I turned around to see my friends.

And the gate slammed shut so hard it hurt my ears, sending us all into a screaming panic.

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