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Ploy was hungry that night,she went to a stall nearest. While ordering,one human stand beside her and it was Nick friend's,Toey.

Don't you need to 'wai' me?

Excuse me,what? seriously,phi we're not at the university,were at a stall ok?
Then she left him behind. Toey just can't say anything after he heard that answer from her.

At the table

While Ploy was eating,Toey then suddenly sat in front of her and that makes she felt uncomfortable for a while.

Phi,why you sit here? plus in front of me…why don't you sit to the others place.

Hey nong,don't you see? this sits is not belonging to anyone so thats mean I can sit and eating here…and look at the others table,all of them are full. If you don't want me to sit here,where should I sit? in my dorm?

Well,I don't mind if you will there cuz it will make me eating in peace…

Toey just stay quiet and can't reply what she said. Truly said that Toey have a feeling for her but he just didn't feel like want to tell her. He afraid that Ploy will reject him. Well its not weird if we see they always fight because they are in the same club.

"Bye,P'Toey see you tomorrow", said one of his 1st year junior. Now,it just him with Ploy and Ploy was packing her stuff to go back.

N'Ploy krub,could you please help me with the box on the top of the shelf?

Phi,I want to go back now kha phi...I'm tired

Help me na? na na na?

Ergh,ok ok…wait I put my bag down first..

Toey then give her a chair and said sorry that he is sometimes troublesome. Ploy was forced by him but what she think is she need to be kind to the oldest one. Suddenly,she fell down and thank god  that Toey was there and catch her like a princess. They look at each other.


Sorry if my grammar was bad 😅 I'm sorry that I'm late writing the ch.4 storyline…it just I don't have time to write it and + exam ia in the corner now

I'm gonna write the ep.2 asap,wish you guys can wait for that 😫 once again,I am so so sorry to you guys 🙏🙇

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