XXXII. Sending A Message

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Chapter Thirty-Two

"I've never been to Russia before," Scott says, looking out of the window in amazement. "What city are we in again?"

I glance over to him, smiling at his childlike wonderment. "We're in Lensk. This was one of the biggest attacks she did. She ravaged an entire warehouse."

"Why here?"

I let out a sigh, glancing out of the window, memories resurfacing that I would rather not think about. "I was kept at a HYDRA base here in Lensk. The warehouse isn't far from that base. The other attacks were really random, but this was certainly not a coincidence."

"Is it hard for you to be back?" Scott asks, sympathy filling his voice.

I shake my head, my eyes glancing across from me to Bucky. "I've been here since those days, and not every visit has been so bad."

The ghost of a smile grazes his lips before vanishing. Rhodey has been flying the ship, and as he sets us gently down on the ground, he makes his way back towards us, his War Machine armor now on.

"Have you tested the new suit yet?" He asks me.

Scott's interest peaks, and he looks at me in anticipation. Bucky looks intrigued as well, leaning forward in his seat and resting his arms on his knees.

The new suit is in a pair of wings just like my last ones, but these aren't gold, they're silver. I tell the suit to activate in my mind, and the familiar teal blue vibranium suit covers me from the neck down. It is identical to my original suit, except on both sides of my thighs are holsters; one for a pistol and one for a knife. Both a knife and a pistol are lying in my holsters.

I nod, smiling down at the two weapons. "Well they can shrink into the necklace, lets see if they'll work when I shift." I say aloud.

I drop down to my knees, shifting into a mouse. I look around, finding the gun is nowhere to be seen on the ground. I shift back into a human, finding the gun still in my holster. I smile, feeling very satisfied with these results. I was trained to have a weapon on me at all times, I felt wrong without one. I'm glad I can use one in fights now.

"You look badass." Scott tells me.

I smirk at him, nodding towards the door of the ship. "Shall we? You remember what to do?"

He nods. "Look for a psychopathic shapeshifter."

"Not exactly how I put that, but yes." I tell him. I know Bucky feels antsy sitting in the ship every time we go on a mission, big or small. So I'm putting him and Scott on lookout. There's an office building right next to the warehouse, so they're going to be on the roof of that building looking for Analiese. She told me she went to each of her clue destinations to make sure I followed them. I could see her doing the same for these attacks since I've escaped her grasp.

We could be wrong, after all she's an extremely intelligent woman and probably wouldn't want to risk capture. But I want Bucky to feel like he's helping in some way, whether Analiese is here or not.

I turn to Rhodey, seeing him hand my backpack over to me. I grab it, slinging it over my shoulder as we walk down the steps and onto the forest floor. The warehouse is about a mile north. We parked the ship a bit deeper in the woods since so many cameras and reporters are here.

When we get to the edge of the line of trees, I turn to Scott and nod to him. He shrinks down, his body completely disappearing in the grass. I toss Bucky my backpack before I jump into the air and shift into a raven, dropping down to the ground and waiting for Scott to climb onto my back.

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