XXVIII. Healing

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Chapter Twenty-Eight

A few hours later, Bruce and Shuri are checking on her blood pressure and injuries. They say that in a few days she'll be back to normal, but the drugs aren't entirely out of her system yet. She's had a wicked headache all day, and she's thrown up about four times.

"How did you get the serum she made out of me? Did it affect my powers permanently?"

Shuri shakes her head. "Nothing is permanently damaged. The serum she created was a chemical compound that basically numbed your powers. We didn't do anything because the serum itself is temporary. The chemicals in the serum aren't meant to be permanent."

Lena nods, clearly relieved her powers aren't gone for good.

"You should regain your powers fully in a few days along with your physical strength. Are you starting to get your senses back?"

Lena nods, a disgusted look on her face. "The heightened sense of smell is definitely coming back. Will the headaches and vomiting stop soon?"

Shuri grips her hand tightly. "The sooner you get everything out of your system the better."

A knock comes to the door then. While the two geniuses attend to Lena, I go to see whose there. It's Alex.

I gesture for him to step back a little, and I shut the door behind me as I step into the hallway. Alex lets out a sigh, gesturing to the now closed door. "How's she doing?"

I cross my arms, nodding my head. "She's tired and still feeling sick, but she's doing much better. Shuri and Bruce say that nothing permanent has been done to her powers."

Alex shakes his head, not beating around the bush. "She pissed at me?"

I shake my head. "I think it's impossible for her to truly be mad at you."

He scoffs. "I don't know about that, you should have seen her when I ripped her Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers poster when we were nine."

That sounds like Alex. I grip his shoulder tightly, giving him a reassuring look. "She understands why you're angry, and she feels really guilty about hurting you. As well as the rest of us."

Alex pinches the bridge of his nose, clearly having an internal battle with himself. "I don't know why I got so mad. I just saw her and...exploded. She didn't deserve that, she's been through so much," He sighs again, rolling his eyes at himself. "Every now and then I revert back to my anger and pessimistic methods of coping with my problems. It turns me into an asshole."

"You're always an asshole, Alex."

He glares at me. "It's great to see how much you value our friendship."

"I was so angry I wanted to scream at her. I was going to before she woke up. As soon as she looked up at me, I just couldn't do it."

Alex smiles bitterly at me. "Yeah, my sister has a way of leveling you out. You're a nightmare without her. The week she was gone, when we were searching for her together, was like being trapped with a super powered nagging grandmother."

I crease my eyebrows, glaring at him. He only shrugs. "That's for calling me an asshole."

I roll my eyes. "Where's you're better, much nicer, other half?"

"He needed to check back with M'Baku; he hasn't been back to Jabariland since Soroya disappeared. His parents are worried sick."

I turn around and twist the door of our room open, nodding for him to go in. He does so, a relaxation and ease instantly going over him. He smiles at his sister, approaching her while she lies in bed, her arm sticking out while Shuri changes the needle for her IV.

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