XVII. Parenthood

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Chapter Seventeen

"Well this makes things a bit harder." I mumble. We are standing outside Emma Becker's old hideout in Margate, England. Unlike the last time we were here, the house isn't empty.

The house on the outside looks the same, but in the driveway there is a minivan parked. In the yard there are toys scattered everywhere, and through the curtains in the window, I see movement inside the house.

"It'll be fine," Bucky assures me. "We'll just say we're thinking about buying a house on this street and wanted to meet the neighbors. During our conversation, say you need to use the bathroom, and then go into the basement and get the serum."

I nod, linking my arm with his. "It will be easier to put up a facade this time around, liebschen. We're no longer pretending to be together anymore."

Bucky smirks, leaning forward and kissing my cheek. "Want to be married or engaged?"

We begin walking towards the front door and I whisper to him; "Married. It will make us seem more relatable to these people."

He chuckles. "Yes, what these people need is to be able to relate to us."

A realization hits me then. I turn to Bucky in panic. "What if they recognize me?"

Bucky doesn't look alarmed. "Margate is pretty away from cities, so these people don't get out much. If they do, who are they to say no to an Avenger?"

Bucky knocks on the door, sticking his metal hand inside his jacket pocket. The door swings open, and we're met with a smiling woman maybe ten years older than me.

"Hello there, what can I do for you?" She asks, not a speck of hostility in her face.

I grip Bucky's arm tighter, smiling at the woman as well. "My husband and I are thinking about buying a house on this street, so we just wanted to meet some of our potential neighbors."

The woman nods her head. "How exciting. Buying a house is always a hassle and let me tell you, the houses in this neighborhood are cheap. You've definitely come to the right place."

She has no idea. The woman shouts back into the house for her husband. Moments later, an equally friendly man appears by her side, sticking his hand out to shake out hands. Bucky shakes him with his one good hand, trying to keep his metal hand as hidden as possible.

"Why don't you two come in? I just made some tea and we can talk about the neighborhood." The woman asks.

Bucky and I share a glance before I nod my head. "That would be wonderful, thank you."

As we walk into the house, I feel relieved that the couple doesn't seem to notice who I am. They bring us into their living room, where the walls have been painted a nice tan color to match the oak wood floors. These floors are covered in toys and drawings, as are the brown leather couches.

"Please forgive the mess, my daughters really like to play." The woman says, clearing some of the toys away.

I shake my head. "No need to apologize. It's your home. Children should be allowed to play."

The woman smiles at me, gesturing for us to sit down. She walks out of the room towards where I assume the kitchen is, while the husband sits in the matching leather couch across from us.

"What part of Germany are you from? I recognize the accent."

I smile at him. "I was born in Hamburg."

He shakes his head, a sorrowful look on his face. "It must be hard for you lately, given all the attacks that have happened. I hope you don't still have family in Hamburg."

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