XV. It Wasn't A Mistake

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Chapter Fifteen

As we fly back to Hamburg, I sit silently in the back of the ship, trying to process everything from today and trying not to lose control.

Though I have been able to control my shifting for years now, I still have times where the beast within threatens to pounce. Learning that a mad woman is after your sister and that everything you thought you knew about your superpowers was wrong, tends to put stress on someone. The stress isn't helped by this mad woman killing more people, but not just any people, the old couple that lived in our old home.

We make sure to park a little ways away from the house, not wanting to draw attention by a Wakandan ship landing in the suburbs. This was better for Bucky anyways, who has to stay out of the action as much as possible. As soon as Bucky shut the engine off, Soroya and I made our way off the ship.

We ran at full speeds towards our house, finding Chief Alfred directing paramedics towards the back entrance of the house, since news reporters are blocking the front door.

Soroya pushes her way past the other officers, dragging me along with her. When we make it to the chief, he almost looks relieved.

"When did this happen?" Soroya asks him, guilt dripping from every syllable.

"A couple hours ago," Chief Alfred says, his voice frustrated and annoyed. "I wish the damn press would take a break. They got here before we did. You should probably go through the back entrance, they can't follow you there. I have it blocked off."

"Was is just the couple?" She asks.

The chief nods. "Yes. And there's another blood message on the wall like the one in New York. Have you discovered anything new?"

Soroya and I share a glance, but I gesture for her to take the reigns on this topic. "We discovered some new information, yes. This woman's name is Analiese Remington. She was a HYDRA scientist and as I said before, is a shapeshifter. I wish I could tell you more, but for now all I have is unconnected dots. But hopefully all will be revealed soon."

The chief pats Soroya in the shoulder, giving her a sympathetic look. "Don't blame yourself, Ms. Roberts. I recognize that look of guilt, I've had it myself on several occasions."

Soroya shakes her head, glancing over at our family home. "I wish I could believe that. This woman is after me. This couple, the electrical company workers, those innocent bystanders, they're all dead because of me."

"I have been in law enforcement for a long time," he says, his frustration turning into inspiration. "In nearly forty years I have never met a person with more heart or courage than you, Ms. Roberts. These attacks are Remington's fault. Her's alone."

Soroya genuinely smiles at the man, nodding her head respectfully to him. "Can we go in?"

Chief Alfred nods, pity now filling his eyes. "From what I understand, this was your house. You go right ahead. The both of you." He says, nodding to me.

We don't need any help finding our way, and we say as much to the police officers who try to usher us to the back entrance and tell us where each of the rooms are. As we make it into the backyard, I feel so much pain, yet happiness all at once. I remember playing with my toy trains in the grass, with Soroya dancing around a couple feet away. Mama would usually be playing trains with me, while Papa cheered Soroya on as she would copy Fred Astaire dances step by step. I can almost forget for a moment that this house is now a murder scene.

As we make it through the back door, I feel Soroya grip my hand, and I grip her just as tightly. The living room is covered in blood, like a scene from a horror movie. On the wall, where I remember our family pictures used to hang, is a message written in blood; 'It Wasn't A Mistake'.

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