X. The Dance Studio

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Chapter Ten

I open my eyes and all I see is darkness. I try to sit myself up, but something is keeping me to the ground. I glance down at my arms, finding that I'm chained to the concrete. I try to look around to figure out where I am, but there's nothing else I see.

"Bucky?" I hear a voice say quietly.

I look up to see Lena chained to the ground about ten feet away from me. I feel the air get sucked from my chest as I see the bruises on her arms, on her neck, her face. Her hair is knotted, her lip bleeding and her hands covered in blisters.

I pull at my chains but they won't budge. I can see the pain in her eyes, the fear that's there. But even worse I can see that she has given up, that she's resigned herself to her fate. The fight in her, the optimism and strength is gone. She doesn't even try to pull at her chains, she doesn't try to free herself. She's lost hope.

I hear a loud grow come from next to us, and emerging from the darkness is a very large wolf. The wolf's eyes are as black as the darkness around us, it's teeth snarling, covered in blood. The beast's eyes aren't on me, they're glued to Lena, like she's it's feast. Lena notices the animal and watches it silently, tears slowly slipping from her eyes..

"No. No no no no!" I shout, pulling at the chains harder. I push myself onto my knees, feeling the chains dig deeper into my skin, but I pull at them anyways.

Lena looks away from the wolf and over towards me, a small smile curving onto her bleeding lips. "Goodbye." She says softly.

I feel tears begin to stream down my own face, not even caring about the pain I feel from the chains. I scream at her, begging her to try and break free. I can only watch as the wolf slowly advances on her and I'm left helplessly yanking at my chains.

I try to get the wolf's attention, but it does nothing but stalk Lena; moving it's paws silently towards her unwavering gaze. Lena finally closes her eyes just as the wolf lunges towards her.

I let out a scream, feeling blood trickle down my arms as the chains cut into my skin. But I don't care. I continue trying to break free. The sounds of her screams drown out my own, and all I'm left to do is hear her wails of agony as she dies in front of me—

My eyes burst open. I feel a shudder go down my body, followed by a wave of nausea. I sit myself up, feeling the sheets stick to me from sweat and the tears silently stream down my face.

I rub my hands over my face, trying to take deep breaths, feeling relief flow through me at that only being a dream.

I glance over to the other side of the bed, but Lena isn't there. Panic begins to fill me until I see a small piece of paper on her pillow. I lean forward and grab onto it, reading it through my cloudy vision.

I had another nightmare, couldn't sleep. I'm at the PMT House of Dance studio in the city. I should be back before you wake up.

I love you,

I fold the note, stuffing it in the pocket of my pants as I put them on. I slip my jacket over my head, tightening the hood as I put my shoes on.

Rhodes gave us one of his guest rooms to sleep in, which happens to be right next to the stairs. I make my way down them and past where Alex and Khari sleep on the couch. I grab onto Rhodes's car keys while I pass by the kitchen, silently making my way out of the house.

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