VIII. Shapeshifter

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Chapter Eight

I am back in the forest again, but not as a human, as a raven. I sit on top of a thin branch, looking out into the sea of green swaying trees. I begin to sing; hearing fellow ravens following my lead one by one. It's an eerie sound, one that warns any passerby's of the doom that is about to befall us all.

Another sound appears; a screech coming from a raven in the sky. This raven is flying at high speeds, it's wings flapping rapidly and it's eyes focused on the tree I'm resting on.

I look closer at this bird's eyes and see that they are human. Just like mine. My powers roar in my veins as the bird makes it's final dive towards me. I spread my wings out, lower my head, and shoot off the branch, intending to meet my match in the skies above—

My eyes fly open and I instantly check to make sure there is no one in my room. I glance over to the other side of the bed and find Bucky fast asleep. In the bed next to us is Alex and Khari, who are peacefully sleeping as well. I let out a sigh of relief.

We are staying the night in a motel in Wilhelmsberg, not too far away from our old house. I was hoping that staying here would bring me some sort of peace, but these nightmares and flare ups of my powers keep following me.

Feeling annoyance and confusion flow through me, I slowly slip out of bed. Trying to be careful not to wake anyone, I go over to my clothes and slip them back on. I activate my suit and slowly open the door. When this doesn't wake anyone, I shut the door behind me, shifting into a raven. I begin flying away from the motel, knowing exactly where I am supposed to be right now. It's as if my powers are drawing me to this place. I'm surprised Alex didn't wake up from it.

I flap my wings and fly towards the cemetery, feeling the brisk night air ruffling my feathers. I always liked shifting into a bird, it always made me feel free. Nothing can match the exhilaration of flying. But even that enlightened feeling can't quench the gloom I feel lurking around me.

I make it to the cemetery, shifting back into a human as I touch the ground. A gust of wind blows, sending goosebumps up and down my body. As I take in a deep breath, I find the wind carries a scent. A human scent. But something about it is familiar. I can't quite place why.

The streetlights are the only source of light I have, making the gravestones cast shadows onto the grass. The shadows of one of the buildings nearby completely covers the woman, until she silently steps out into the street. The woman is several feet from me, and she looks angry as she makes her way towards me with determined strides.

I remember what the chief said yesterday; the woman the victims saw was a thirty year old with brown skin and hair. This woman fits that description. Her eyes are a striking hazel, and it's in these eyes I find an overwhelming sense of familiarity, but I am positive I've never met this woman before.

"Soroya Roberts," She says with a thick Russian accent. "I have wanted to meet you for a long time."

I feel my powers roar in my veins once again, warning me of the hostility and threat this woman possesses. "You were the one who broke into my room. You're the one whose been following me."

This woman makes it to the edge of the graveyard and stops her pace. She locks her hands behind her back, analytically looking me over. "It still amazes me how short you are. For someone with such a reputation, you would imagine The Savage to be taller."

I ignore this comment, trying to calm down my animal instincts. "The massacre today. That was you."

She shrugs. "Had to get your attention somehow."

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