VI. Animal Attack

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Chapter Six

"Nakia told me something yesterday." Bucky mumbles. His metal fingers are trailing lightly up and down my arm, with his real arm under my head.

"Hmm?" I ask, not entirely awake.

"She told me you visited me in the lab while I was in cryo," He says softly, and the tenderness in his voice makes me force my eyes open. When I look at his face, he looks moved, he almost looks disbelieving. "Is that true?"

I bring one of my hands up, tucking a piece of his hair behind his ear before gently stroking his cheek. "Of course I did. I went and saw you every single day."

"But why? You knew I was safe and you knew you couldn't talk to me..." he trails off.

I shake my head, curling myself up against his chest, resting my head just below his chin. "Why? Because I love you and I couldn't stand being apart from you."

I feel him release a shaky breath, kissing the top of my head gently. I hate how he can't fathom someone loving him. I've made a vow to myself I will spend the rest of my life showing him the love he deserves. Hopefully one day he'll come to love himself and believe that he's the good person I know he is.

"I wish we could stay like this forever." He murmurs to me, running his metal fingers through my hair. I still have my head resting against his chest, and I listen to the steady beat of his heart, determining I'll never get tired of hearing that noise.

"Me too...but I have a feeling Alex will come in any moment telling us to get up."

And as I called it, Alex knocks on the door a few minutes later. We tell him to come in, and the moment I see the look on his face, I know this isn't a normal wake up call.

"Turn your tv on. Channel 8."

I lean over towards the nightstand and do as he says, finding the news channel popping up onto my screen. The red haired news women has the same grave look on her face Alex does as she reports:

"This morning thirty two men and women tragically lost their lives in Hamburg, Germany. Police have been on the scene since early this morning. Not much has been said about the nature of their deaths, but one police officer confirms this was no accident and we could be discussing a possible genocide."

I glance over at Bucky, then to Alex, nodding my head. "We're leaving in twenty minutes."


Bucky decided to stay in the ship, which was probably a smart idea given his name is still adorning FBI wanted posters. Khari decided to stay behind with Bucky to keep him company. I really appreciate this. I loved that the two of them are starting to bond.

Alex and I make our way off the ship, which we parked a few blocks down from the crime scene. Alex, who usually has a comment to say for everything, looks very dire as we get closer to the crime scene. I have to say I feel the same. This was Hamburg, this was our home. The fact it got attacked like this made me hurt deep in my heart. This hurt wasn't helped by the news reporters spotting me, trying to ask me about the situation at hand.

Thankfully, police officers recognize me and usher me away from the press, towards the crime scene; an electrical company building. I know this building all too well; it's where Papa used to work. The fact that this place was attacked makes this whole situation all the more sad.

"It's honor to meet you, Ms. Roberts," the officer says to me, looking very energetic and excited. He reminds me of Scott. "I'm a big fan."

I smile at him. "Call me Soroya. I'm just here to help out if I can."

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