38. Coke and Snacks

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Ashar walked towards me.

"There's no us."

He reached for the door's lock. I immediately came in between and blocked his way.

"You can't step out of this room, until I'm finished talking."

"Get out of my way. I've to go somewhere." He snapped, gave me a glare.

I just gave him a blank stare, still blocking the exit.

He sighed in defeat, "What do you want to talk, Sanaya?"

"The baby is yours. Why are you keep denying?" I began with the first question that popped up in my head.

"Don't talk this nonsense to me." He stepped back and turned around.

"I told you, Ashar, you were my first. I was a virgin before. Why are you putting me through this?"

"I know that, but still, it doesn't prove that baby is mine." He moved around, facing me.

"What do you mean?" My lips quavered.

"Don't act so innocent." He chuckled lowly, "Sex is quite a common activity among teenagers. May be, it's the outcome of one of your carelessness."

His words stabbed my heart. I thought he was denying it because he didn't want the baby or may be, he wanted to be out of this marriage.

But, he was denying it because he thought that the baby was not his.

"It could have been the guy you were with, the night you left the house without informing anyone. What was his name?.......Dave? or Dylan?"

I looked at him staggeringly, trying to remember the guy he was pointing out. After almost half a minute the guy's name clicked in my head. It was David. The one I met with at Amelia's party.

I had never met David after that night.

Did he mean that I slept with him?

"Or may be, it could be your first crush, Ryan, right? I remember his name. You were quite close to him. I saw everything and here, you're standing in front of me and asking me to trust you?" He continued.

He was a pathetic excuse of a man. I told him in clear words that I got over with my feelings for Ryan. It had been months I last talked with him.

I let out a slow, fake chuckle, raising my brow, "So, I'm a slut to you?"

He was going to name all the guys I'd known, but was not ready to include himself.

"I don't know." He shrugged, avoiding my gaze, "But, you're quite a shrewd woman. The girl who tricked me to marry with her under my nose can be capable of doing a lot of things. And that baby-drama is one of her games."

If it was that difficult for him to trust me, then why was he trusting Samara? She played a major part in this whole marriage scam. He was ready to give her a chance, but, he could not give me one.

Well, may be, they were just his implausible excuses to actually accept the truth. But I was not going to beg him, not anymore.

"Okay. I got it." I refrained from explaining anything to him.

If that's how he thought of me then let him be.

He was the same, like Samara. Both of them were the same; arrogant and selfish.

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