79 - The Fall

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Hernanda Wilkinson

I couldn't believe what I saw; Timothy was shocked too. We were on the tree, one that had the same height as the window of the room where Kirt and Alice were held trapped. From this vantage point, we had a clear view of what was going on in that room. That monster gorged on cooked human flesh. I held my breath. I never saw a fiend before. My heart was beating slowly like peals from an old bell. Timothy filled me up on everything that happened. Shifaly was beheaded. We saw dried blood in front of the house when we went to its side to climb onto the tree on which we were. I cried for Shifaly but held back my tears after a while. I was determined to get Kirt and Alice out. We both didn't know what the beast was. It was dressed in a woman's hood so we thought it was a female demon.  Kirt and Alice were chained to the wall. I saw the look of terror in their faces as they witnessed the whole ordeal.

Timothy covered my mouth so that I wouldn't make any noise that would draw attention to us. If we were to rescue Alice and Kirt, we had to keep ourselves hidden. I climbed down the tree.

"So, what do we do?" he asked.

"We go in?" I said, uncertainly.

"Go in? How? Surely if we go through the door, by the noise, the monster will know."

I thought for a while. "Let's go around the house and see if there's a hole in the wall or a kitchen door through which we can break-in!"


Timothy and I tiptoed into the thick forest. We didn't go deep into it, but we went deep enough that the foliage would give us ample cover as we went around the house, looking for a hole, a door left ajar carelessly through which we could sneak in and save our friends. Come sun, come rain, we were determined to not leave this place without taking Kirt and Alice with us.

"Nothing here," said Timothy as we looked at the front of the house from the distance. All the windows were shut, and the door was locked.

"Let's go inside the compound and have a look properly," I suggested.

"Are you crazy?" said Timothy, "It's laden with old traps like the one I rescued you from. If we go into the compound, we will end up like that boy who was boiled, skinned, and eaten alive." He looked at me, and then he added, "we can check the sides of the house."We walked by the side of the house where the window was. We looked at it carefully, but couldn't find a hole."Did you hear that?" Timothy stopped in his tracks. I looked at him. I listened to that too. Some loud noises were coming from that window we looked through a few minutes ago. 

"Oh, boy," I muttered, "I hope it's not what we feared."

Kirt Heinrich

The fiend only chained Alice's hands. Her legs weren't chained like mine. While that fiend was cooking the native boy, occasionally ripping some flesh off his body and eating it, while it stirred the corpse in that basin, Alice Boe continuously tugged at her chains with all her might, trying to rip them off. I wanted to tell her, "That's not going to work." But my mouth was dry. I couldn't voice out my words. I knew that she wouldn't be able to free herself by shaking the chains off. They were too strong. I tried doing that before but eventually gave up because the shackles never broke apart. Only I was getting wearier in attempting to free myself. 

The fiend took a knife and cut out a piece from the boy's flesh and began chewing on it. I threw up. Alice was still pulling the chains, hoping to break them. She was more tenacious than me. The monster was sucking on a bone. Doob! I turned towards Alice. Parts of the wall broke off. She could move, but the blocks of brick that broke off along with the chain weighed her down. The fiend was deeply engrossed in slurping some bone marrow. The noise made it drop it. 

"Oh no," I muttered. "Alice, Run!" I screamed.

Alice was confused too. She never really thought that the chains would break. The monster charged at her. With great difficulty, she swung them like a nunchaku, along with those bricks that were stuck to them. Did that just happen? I didn't expect that to happen. All that while, I thought Alice would be killed and shredded into pieces, but she managed to beat the daylights out of that fiend.

The creature fell on the ground, beaten across the face. It lay unconscious for a while. Alice dragged herself to the tray and grabbed a surgical knife. It was rusted and blunt from overuse. The fiend didn't move. Alice neared it, panting. I thought she was going to do it. She could do it. One stab, and that'll finish the entire ordeal. I saw Alice hesitate; I knew her moral conscience conflicted with her wishes to finish that monster. I waited, taking a deep breath. Why is she waiting? She could end it. We can escape from this hellhole and find our way to civilization. Alice took a few steps, breathing deeply. The monster stirred as it lay splayed on the floor. She raised that knife high in the air. The being got up. I clenched my jaw. 

Alice wagged the knife in the air. 

The knife fell on the ground. Ting Ting Ting Ting.

The being held Alice's hand tightly and began twisting it. Alice, with great difficulty, tried to swing her arms, but the being gripped her elbow tightly. Alice shrieked, "Aaaaaah!". The being was twisting her arm. Alice waved her hands and legs, trying to resist it. It pressed on. Alice's scream grew more desperate, more painful; just listening to her scream made me feel a sting of immense pain. Her arm began vibrating. Pop! Tear! Her screams picked. Her elbow looked weird now. Her elbow was dislocated. The being caught her other hand and did the same, causing Alice's screeches to reach the peak. She was in torturous pain. Pop! Tear! Her second elbow dislocated. Alice had lost her voice, her hands fell limp. She shuddered and cried. She tried fighting with her injured hands but it only caused her unbearable pain. The being grabbed the knife and shoved it into her knee. She yelled. Warm, dark red blood dripped onto the floor. With the knife still stuck to her knee, the monster. She was weeping. The being shoved her on the ground. 

"No!" I screamed. I thought she fell on the stove. But, fortunately, she didn't. She hit the table, missing the steaming hot basin by an inch, and lay unconscious. She fell with the knife on her knee. The blade went deep into her flesh and broke from its handle as she fell hard on the floor. The being walked up to her and yanked out the handle from the body. The blade was deep in her flesh. The floorboards were drenched in Alice and that boy's blood. The monster grabbed another knife.

I held my breath. My heart was racing. Will he kill Alice? The knife's only a meter away

Hernanda Wilkinson


"No!" I screamed. The branch gave away. Timothy fell from the tree and smashed into the ground. He lay unconscious. I was worried. He didn't move. Was he dead? That monster who was towering over Alice a few moments ago ran to the window. I think she saw me.

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