Chapter 9: So Lucky. [Hyuninmin?]

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"What's up fudgers?!" Hyunjin exclaims, busting the door down.

"Why?!" Jeongin dolphin screeches, jumping as soon as the door opened.

"Fudge you that's why!"

Hyunjin throws himself onto the couch and, in turn, on top of Seungmin. Without batting an eye, Seungmin asks, "Long day at work?"

Letting out a small hum, Hyunjin moves further into Seungmin's embrace.

"Want to talk about it?" Jeongin moseys his way over to the couch.

"Ugh. Just," Hyunjin sighs, "Minho wasn't able to make it to work today, you should know that, Seungmin. And, instead of helping me, Felix spent the whole day worrying about Changbin, even though it's his job too! I mean their behavior is so! Ugh!"

Seungmin scoffs. "That does sound like Felix."

"What about us," Jeongin fakes a pout, "did you not think about us?"

"Of course I did," Hyunjin coos, pinching Jeongin's cheeks, "But, I was still helpful and able to do my job."

"Of course, you're the most helpful person in the world! The best at his job, the best dancer..." Seungmin smiles, punctuating each word with a peck against Hyunjin's cheek. He continues his praise as Hyunjin body loosens and loses tension.

Completely relaxed, Hyunjin sighs, twiddling with Seungmin's fingers. And when Jeongin attaches to Seungmin's other side, he smiles soflty and whispers "thanks" into Seungmin's shoulder.

After a few minutes of cuddling, Hyunjin slips out of Seungmin's hold to grab some food.

Coming back into the room, he noticed Seungmin had wrapped his arms around Jeongin, most likely noticing the missing presence of the oldest, and he smiled at how truly lucky he was.


Scurrying to the bedroom, Hyunjin snatched his phone. Slipping back to the couch, careful not to wake Seungmin and Jeongin, he quietly sneak around and takes billions of pictures. They looked cute, sue him.



You won't believe what I just captured!!


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Oh my gosh! My children!
uwu! Must protect!

I know right!!
Also please never say uwu again



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Hyunjin and Woojin met because they used to work together at a retail store. Woojin still works there.

Chan and Hyunjin know each other through Woojin and, of course, when Hyunjin introduced Jeongin and Seungmin, Chan immediately adopted them.

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