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AN// hello my loves, this is part TWO of mommy//g.d. there will be a part 3 to complete this lil series, dont worry :)

(y/n pov)

"Mommy!" June yelled as she ran into your arms. You closed the house door behind you and kneeled, hugging her.

"Why hello angel," You said squeezing her. She giggled and pulled away. "Wow, daddy did your hair?" You asked her, referring to the very messy braids. June giggled and reached up to touch it.

"Yup!" She yelled, showing you her braid. Holding it by the end, she accidentally pulled out the elastic, loosely tied, holding the braid together. Her face fell as one side came undone. "Uh oh," She whispered. You smiled, standing up and reaching for her hand.

"Here, we can french braid it okay?" She nodded and followed you to the couch, where she crawled up next to you once you sat down. You pulled out her other braid and gave her the hair tie to hold.

"What're my girls doing?" Grayson asked, walking into the living room. You smiled up at him as June waved.

"Hi daddy!" She said. Grayson chuckled as he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. "Daddy wake up?" She asked him as you tightened one braid.

You smiled as she handed you an elastic. You'd texted Grayson that you'd be coming to visit once you were done work, and he'd told you they were going to be napping. Turned out, he'd only meant him. "Morning," You said with a smile. It was 4 in the afternoon and you wondered how Gray was gonna sleep tonight after his hour-long nap. June giggled and turned around to look at you. "Awe, don't move honey," You said, restarting the second braid.

"Oopsie," She giggled. Grayson smiled at you and turned around. "Where daddy going?" She asked. He smiled at her.

"Daddy's gonna get some water," He said with a yawn. June sat still as you finished her braid. Gray came back with a glass in his hand and sat down next to June. She smiled at him. "You want some too, angel?" He asked. She nodded and reached for the glass. You sighed, reaching your hand for her hair tie.

"I don't think that glass is a good idea baby," You mumbled, hoping only Grayson would understand. He looked up and smiled, pulling the glass away from her. June whined and you pulled away from her hair. "We're done, wanna see?" You asked. She turned back to you, forgetting about the water and looking back at you.

You pulled your phone out from your purse and opened the camera and handed it to her. She giggled as she touched the braids, much tighter than the ones that Grayson had done for her. She giggled and turned to show Grayson and frowned when he wasn't there.

"Daddy?" She called out Grayson came back with a sippy cup of water.

"Wow, you look gorgeous, princess," He said, handing her the sippy cup. She giggled and drank the water, giving you your phone back. You smiled, leaning back into the couch,

"So what brings you here this lovely evening?" Gray asked, stretching his arms. You sighed as June crawled her way into your lap, leaning against you. "You look beautiful, by the way," He said with a smile.

You shook your head smiling. "Thank you," You said. June looked up at you and you grinned, pushing a few baby hairs from her eyes. "And I didn't feel like chilling alone at my apartment," You said.

"Well, you gonna stay the night?" Grayson asked. You smiled. "Please stay, please, please, please?" He asked, putting his glass down. You smiled.

"Okay, okay," You said, shaking your head, wrapping your arms around June. He smiled. "So what're we doing today?" You asked. June looked back at you and you smiled, raising your eyebrows.

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