chapter ten

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"I don't want to talk to Jaden or you, just leave me alone!" I say to Elmo.

It's been a month and I haven't spoken to any guy about the Jaden and I breaking up with because I don't want to talk to any of them.

He leaves the room and half an hour
later, the door opens again.

I turn and see Elmo standing next to Chase, the only guy I'll agree to talk to.

"I'm sorry that you think you can't talk to me. But I understood why you'd only talk to Chase so I called him"

I nod as Elmo leaves the room, Chase walking in and closing the door behind him.

"Hi Mars"

"Hi Chase. Can I hug you?"

"Of course. I love hugs but you clearly need one anyway"

I stand up as he walks over and wraps his arms around me. I wrap my arms around his neck and place my head on his shoulder.

Chase was a really good hugger.

(how he hugs people at meet n greets lmfao)

I never wanted to pull away and thankfully, neither of us did. The both of us fall back onto my bed as he held me in his arms.

I place my head over his chest as tears flowed down my face

I tried so hard to not cry but did anyways.

"You're okay Mars, you're okay" he hushes in my ear.

"That's what I really want to believe but I'm not. I love Jaden but look at us, i can't even talk to him without us arguing"

"It's my fault, I shouldn't have called you hot"

"You were talking about the merch though"

"I know but still. Bro code, never go after your bro's girl"

"But we weren't together"

"For what? 2 minutes? Besides you both were on a break AND I knew that Jaden loved you before you knew so calling you hot would've made him kind of mad anyway"

I didn't reply because I really didn't know how to, which made Chase keep talking.

"I swear it was love at first sight. He told us every little detail about meeting you for the first time"

"When he helped me with math?"

He nods.

"He talked about the way you looked, smiled, laughed. He even gave us details on what you didn't understand and I also didn't understand any of that dumb math shit but the crazy thing is that for the first time ever, he spoke about math in a loving way!"


"He loved helping you Mars. And don't get me started about meeting at Elmo's party. Jaden didn't tell any of us about how you kissed and stuff until Elmo found out but when he explained it, he sounded like it had only just happened the night before"

"Oh. How is he now?"

"Not good at all. Although he'll push you away at first, he really wants you to talk to him. After you both became official, he changed a lot. He started swearing, can you believe that?"

"I noticed it too! Before, he would never swear like what so ever! It's not a bad a thing but I'm just shook"

"I know! What's also happened is that he started to get mad much faster"

"And jealous!"

"I think he was just really pushing to keep the relationship stable. You know how he cheated on basically all of his exes?"

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