Demon of my fantasies~2

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Demon of my fantasies~2


I felt fit to burst with that girls life force inside of me. That was quite un-usual, most only sated my hunger,hers filled me to brim,she had a strong soul,I could see that now. She vaguely reminded me of someone, but I pushed thoses thoughts aside for the present time.

Thinking of her made me want to drink her fully. And I and evert other monster of the night knew the punishment. Not even me,the most powerful being,could escape responsibility such as that.


I gasped when I looked at my bed, the covers where askew on the floor and the pillows in a mess across the duvet. How far did I go with that guy?!!

I ignored my thoughts and decided to get ready for school. I walked over to my wardrobe and surveyed the clothes inside.

I finally decided on a white, spaghetti strap top, then shrugged on a thin,lace top over it, with a pair of denim shorts. I put on my underwear, which was my schools plain white but I'd got a hello kitty icon on the outside of it.

I made my way to my mirror. And sighed, my hair was a mess, it was sticking out everywhere and curling inwards at the ends. I brushed out the knots then combed it through. I tied a plait braid on the left side with a flowery thin,hair scrunchie. And made my way downstairs.

My mum was in the kitchen at the dining table, eating some toast, she was loosing weight lately and it worried me. She was a natural 10-12 size but now she must be a 8-10. And I knew she hadn't lost the weight due to dieting. It was through worry over my little sister Marleen. She had a potensially life threatening disease that affected her bodies food digestion there for when exstinguishing her bodies excess she had problems.

I walked over to my mother, and sat next to her.

"Hello darling." she half smiled. I knew then she wanted to cry.

"Mum you've got to eat, your slowly killing yourself!"I half yelled at her, but she just stared blankly at me.

"Dont worry darling, look I'll go down to the Chippy later and we'll have fish and chips, that sound okay?" she compromised. I simply nodded my head, I knew I'd eat the food but she wouldn't she'd make a exscuse as she always did. I hugged her and grabbed a granola bar from the kitchen side and made my way to the porch.

I grabbed my school bag and slipped on a pair of black and white striped sneakers.

I opened the door and began walking to my car. My car was nothing fancy. It was a mini Cooper that was fully red with a black smiley face on the top I'd got professionally done.

I searched my bag for my car keys till I finally found them. I opened the car door and slipped inside. Thank god it was a four seater. Because at that moment I saw three girls running down the road hollering at me. I opened the window.

"Heyaa Luna," Spoke a light,female voice.

"Hey Angela." I smiled. We'd been friends for nearly three years now. I looked behind her and saw the other two girl. Macy and Lauren.

"Can we catch a life,Luna,my dads car broke down." laughed Lauren, while Macy looked at me pleadingly.

"Umm..." I pauses.

"Please!" all three spoke simaltainoursly.

"...sure " I caved. And Angela hugged me. They bundled into the seats with Angela beside me.

"Lets put on some music!"Angela laughed at twisted the radio knob till she found a station she liked. Say you don't want it by All night long hummed through the speakers.


I was running through the woodlands till I caught a mildly fragrance that obvioursly belonged to a small animal. I scowled.

"Beggers can't be choosers" A voice laughed in my head.

I grunted and took off till I found a herd of deer grazzing on the flowers inbetween trees. I sighed and caught one by it's hind legs and began drinking it's life force. It didn't fill me. I felt hungrier that ever. I finished my drinking and sat by a tree.

I heard a car coming past, and a delicious waft cascaded around me. I breathed it in savouring it's perfectuality. I poked my head out of the trees and heard the car come closedr. I now realised it was playing music, I didn't reconise it, it sounded like some rock-pop drivvle. I surveyed the people in the car. On the back seats were two girls with similar looks,they both had light brown hair and oval faces, they had different eye colours , the one on the left had hazel brown while the one on the right had green/blue eyes. It automatically knew the scent was not from them. I pondered at the girl I the front right, she had dark red hair that was styled in a bob and she has a square face with light blue eyes and short eyelashes. She smelt a ministurely like the scent, maybe from touch I automotically thought.

I looked at the driver, then I knew, it was her, the girl from this morning, her blonde hair was neater now, and she had a cute braid on her left side. Her eyes were surveying the road looking for possible danger. I smiled slightly. Her eyes had darkened and the gold and silver flecks in them seemed to be alight. She sure was different... How .... How.......

..... Interesting, I mused.

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