6~ Strange

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"Jovie, hurry your ass up!"

Ah, my favorite way to be greeted on my favorite day of the week.

"Shut the hell up, Aspen, I need five more minutes of sleep before I can handle you right now." I snap, slamming the door shut.

Somehow mom agreed to let the idiots all spend the night again and it was fun until I was kept up by their constant rambling till 3 a.m. I'm a troll who needs as much rest as I can get.

And for people who love to comment on my appearances they sure do love to prevent me from my beauty sleep.

He whistles, slowly turning the radio on before groaning. Annoyed, I glance over to find Seth running towards us. Rolling the window down, I wait for him to stop. "What's up?"

"AJ said I have to ride with you guys."

"No." Aspen states, "We'll take Jay."

"Wait, what about your somehow more disgusting other half?" I ask, mildly surprised.

"May is giving Mere a ride until, as she oh so sweetly put it, 'The nasty gremlin is no longer riding with me.'" He says.

Gremlin, I like that one.

"Wait, you weren't planning on telling me this?" I demand.

"Surprise, you don't have to see your mortal enemy today." He says dryly.

"Screw this, I'll go ride in Payton's car and Jay can squeeze in here." I decide, not in the mood for his sass.

This is why we should've picked up their cars yesterday, but, no, a Harry Potter marathon was more important. I enjoyed it at the time but now I'm not amused.

As I unbuckle the seatbelt, Payton drives off. AJ flipping us the bird as they all leave. Sighing, I move to the middle seat.

Squished between Aspen and Seth, I begin to fidget.

"Do we have practice today?" Seth asks.


"I wonder what's gonna be for lunch."

"Shit sandwich." Aspen grumbles and I nudge him. Asshole.

"Jovie, why are you in the middle?"

"Because I was afraid Aspen would try to strangle you." Trust me, I'm thinking about it.

"Still might happen."

"Where'd you get your shirt, Jov?" Seth asks, not paying any attention to Aspen's taunts.

Taking in the baby blue Ron Jon shirt, I shrug, "No idea, it's one of my favorites though."

Aspen snorts and I glare at him, what the hell is his issue?

Yawning, I lay my head back and shut my eyes. Either I'll fall asleep or the tension will suffocate me.


"Jojo, wake up."

I groan, trying to turn away from the voice. The next thing I know my body is being lifted up.

Opening my eyes, I'm forced to see Aspen's ass as I blink the sleep out of my eyes. I think it's safe to assume we're at school.

He slams the door and I notice two backpacks thrown over his other shoulder. Oh, no.

"Aspen, put me down." I demand.

"You were so insistent on sleeping I decided to just carry you into school."

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