Part 53

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"Woohooo!!!! We're back home!!!" Eve cheerfully yelled out as she stepped out of the big expensive bus. Followed by Zen, Lily and then Sean.

It was 5:21 pm. School ended an hour ago. That means they could go home!!

Eve's limo arrived after she messaged her father that she arrived at school and he immediately send a limo to her destination.

Just when she got home, she was greeted with Jason and Romeo with a warm smile on their face as always. She returned the smile. She walked to her room to put her stuff and the things she bought down.

Then the next thing she excepted, was her father summoning her to his private office which she accepted.

Haahh, I want to go to sleep...

Eve thought as she arrived at the shiny wooden doors. She opened the door as she knows that her father didn't mind her announcing her presence.

She sat on her previous seat and looked at her father. Her father had his red eyes on the paper and his black (I guess we are going with black?) hair was cleanly swept back. His working suit was neatly wrapped around his still fit body.

Eve found herself staring at him, finding where Eve has resemblance of him. Obviously, the red eyes but Eve's was much more bigger and lovely.

"Are we going to have a conference of the previous issue? Father?" Eve said as her father put the last piece of paper on top of the organized paper.

Her father's eyes looked up at her and nodded.

"Yes. I think we discussed this with the Savir family. The conference should be starting tomorrow morning." He replied and Eve nodded.

Eve already know what to talk about when it was her turn to talk about why she was working there.

Oh my god! She was going to be on TV! TV!!! Worldwide, here I come!!

The outside of her figure looked nervous but in the inside, she was excited. Her father noticed this and cleared his throat. His voice turn soft and tender, filled with warmth.

"Don't be nervous. You'll get the hang of this too." He replied and Eve looked at him, 'surprised' that he saw through her and smiled.

"Hm!" Eve said with enthusiasm. With that, Eve left with the book she was reading. Her steps was lightly tapping on the ground as Romeo escorted her back to her room.

Romeo was busy, taking care of his mother. His mother was out of the hospital and was living by happily in her house that was filled with lovely memories. And that was all because of Eve. Giving him money for his mother who was still in the hospital.

Romeo was confused.

She suddenly came up to him one day with a blank expression.

Passed him some bucks while she passed him.

He was pretty sure that he saw her lips that were in a straight line, curl up in the corners.

He counted the bucks and almost puke blood.

This...this was enough to pay his mother's surgery!!! What did he do?

He looked back in time and only frowned. All I did was just follow her around and serve her? And...and you could earn this much????!!

My life has been a lie.

Romeo sighed. This girl is kind and super smart. But also scary and deadly. He thought back to Eve's father.

He nodded!

Hm, as expected of Mr. Vangelia! Indeed, a handsome spectacular and scary man but also spawned a beautiful kind, but deadly lady! Wah!

His spine shivered as he remembered one of the greedy butlers that attempted to steal her jewelry when she was taking a nap in her bedroom after working.

He remembered seeing the greedy butler going into Eve's room and curious, he looked between the small space between the door and saw the greedy butler going into her jewelry drawers.

Romeo looked at the lady who was sleeping soundly and the greedy butler that was rummaging around. He was about to interrupt until he saw a dark shadow and he blinked.

He looked at the bed that the lady was sleeping soundly but didn't find her there instead he heard a shout.

He turn to look at the scared and shaky butler that was on the ground with his arms held by the once sleeping lady, herself.

His eyes widen.

He saw her red eyes glazing at the butler below with annoyance and loathe. Her red eyes was sharp and everything around her was dark and  her smile was evil and scary.

And at that moment, Romeo's heart shuddered and his fingers felt cold that he had to rub them 2 times.

Like father, like daughter...

Romeo thought as he saw Eve interrogating the butler with a cold and threat tone in her voice.

"How brave of you to step into my lair and steal my jewelry's," the butler felt cold sweat all over his body and shut his eyes.

This...this is the Youngest miss room, right??? I'm pretty sure I'm in the right room?? But why is the air and room so cold and so dark..??!!

The young Miss was rumored to be stupid and clumsy but, why is it the other way??!! So scary, so cold, so dark and, and so strong?!! Ack! My arms!!!

Eve gripped more on his arm and the butler groan in pain.

"You should be punished. Stealing this young Miss jewelry, I shall not let this matter go away easily!" Eve tilted her head, which was mostly for cute gestures but, she made it really scary and terrifying!!!

Stop! Stop stop!

The butler literally almost pee in his pants when he saw the ends of her blonde hair next to his head. He almost screeched.

Romeo felt pity for this man and lit a candle for him but immediately erased the thought of lighting a candle for him.

If Young miss knew that he lit a candle for him, he would be done for! Right, right! He deserved it! How bold of him, stealing the young miss jewelry!!!

"Hm? Maybe, cutting your filthy hands would be alright? I mean, your filthy hands dared touched my jewelry and for a thief, they would need their hands to steal something right?" Her menace smile appeared on her face with a bloodlust aura.

Romeo shivered and quietly held his scared ass heart that was beating so hard. Scary! So scary!

A spawn of the devil!!!

The butler started to beg her and bowed his head which was banging on the ground. And after that day, Romeo declared never to betray the young Miss or do anything tat would make her annoyed or angry!

Or else...

Romeo thought back to the terrifying memory of what happened to the butler.

He shivered and pinched himself.

Smile! Romeo! Smile! Your mother is out of the hospital and is doing great because of Eve! Happy happy!!!

Romeo cheered himself up and it worked. The whole day, he smiled cheerfully.


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