Part 52

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"Mou!!!! I'm sick of it! What's so good about you!!! I don't get it! You're just a stupid girl!! I don't get it! I don't get it! Why are you getting all the fame! Why does father like you so much!! It's supposed to be me! Me! I don't get it! I'm supposed to be in the spotlight! Me only! You're just a nobody! You're supposed to be a stupid girl who doesn't know how to do anything!" Riya shouts out to a certain somebody, who almost chocked onto her drink.

Eve wasn't expecting an outburst of the Red-haired. Well, I guess she expected a trip or another spoiled milk on her but it turned out more than that.

But the fact is, we were in a public place. Am I worried about that? No.

"You! I don't know what is good in you! You are a witch! Yeah! A witch!"

Riya was losing her mind.

(AN: We all know what's good in you😏😉)
(Nick: you dirty af boi)

Eve sighed in her mind.

Alright. Let's just get this bitch over with.

"Come on! Why aren't you saying anything! Are you afraid that you're in public!!?" Riya slowly smiled.

Eve stood up from her chair, (which I never told you guys) and walked towards her. Her blonde hair swayed side to side as she walked. Making her look elegant and composed unlike the raging redhead.

(AN: if I offend any apple hairs, don't hate me!!! I like color red!!!)

She stopped in front of her and looked at her straight dead in the eye.

"No, I'm just waiting for you to be done. But it seems like its not going to be happening. Cuz, every part of your body is talking to me." Eve said as she noticed the tightened fist, the eyes, the mouth, and even the legs twitching. Oh my god, is that even real?

(AN: We all know what part is talking, hon😉😏)
(Nick: Who are you, again?🙂)

Riya's eyebrow went down, angrily. Her gritted teeth showed and she pointed at her.


Eve quickly shushed her with her 'shhh, shhh' and used her hands to playfully lower down Riya's finger.

"Shhh, shhh. We are in public, sister. It's not the time to be swearing freely. That would be gangster like and as the oldest sister, she should be trained to be as the oldest sibling in the family or else someone might think you were trained by a dog. Always barking." Eve smiled as she mocked her with her eyes.

Riya almost forgot about the public! She was going to embarrass Eve but the feelings inside of her just burst! Oh no! Her public figure!

Eve realize the panic in her eyes, and patted Riya's shoulder. Maybe this is a good time to leave?

"Chou." And she walked away.

Zen,(which I never told you, hah. What a great author I am) followed her. He didn't even look at Riya for a split second. His mind was filled with thoughts.

That's my wife! My wife is amazing! A capable women! She's mine! Nobody can take her away from me!

Stay away, peasants!

Fear me.

After a while....

"Ehhhhh?!!!! Riya's IQ went lower!" Lily exclaimed as she heard the news from Eve. Lily sat right next to Eve.

"But, why am I not surprised?" Lily said, boredly.

Eve snorted.

Lily, why are you so cute?

"Oh! Did Zen come help at all???? Did he? Did he?" Lily excitedly said as she lean towards Eve.

"No?" Eve deadpanned.

Lily's mood was turned off.

Maa~ it's a long way...A very long way...

Lily thought as she walked towards the bed and plopped herself in the bed. Face planted.

Lily was planning to suffocate herself.

Eve suddenly realize Lily was quiet and after a while she found out that she was trying to kill herself.

"Oi!!! Lily, what in the world are you doing?!!" Eve flipped her over and saw her expressionless face🙂

In Lily's mind...

Why is Zen and Eve so slow when it comes to love?

I'm going to kill myself if this goes on.

They are probably going to get together probably at the age of 20. Get married at the age of 30. Have kids at 40.

Eve noticed the tears in Lily's eyes.

Why is she crying?

"Wuuhuuu!!! Uuwuu!!! Eve, you're so slow!!!" Lily said which made Eve froze at her spot, confused.

Did she eat something wrong?

Lily noticed her confused face and cried some more.

Uwuuu!! She's confused!! Wahhh!!!

Eve panicked and started to asked her what was wrong or what did she do or did someone bully her.

Lily cried for a whole 2 hours straight. She wiped her eyes with a handkerchief, gently like a lady would.

Eve was dead.


No school! Yay!

But I have to go to a parade because I play band...

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