Part 51

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Father POV

I was in my usual private office. Working on papers and signing them. Eating, drinking coffee, working, nap, walk outside, work again til midnight, and sleep.

I sigh. Then all the sudden, my phone vibrates on my side, signaling me that I have a new message or text.

I take my phone and look at the person who sent me something. I smiled after looking at it.

It was from Eve.

Her hair was in a messy bun and her lips were in a peach color with rosy cheeks as she brightly smiled in front of the camera. Her red eyes looked warm and happy.

(Not father's POV anymore💧)

He looked at picture once again and his eyes soften.

His heart was always firm and hard but when he sees her, his heart melts. And when his heart melts, it turns into an ocean. Never ending.

But the ocean was drained and now it's an empty hole. His heart was once again firm and hard with double layers.

But slowly, the layers starts to strip one by one. One drop in the empty hole. Another drop. A puddle was in the empty hole.

He shook his head to forget about it and sighed. He thought about Eve and his eyes that were stiff turn soft. He looked at the couch and then he had a flashback.

Eve sitting there with drinks and treats on the table and reading a book as she was sitting on the couch.

The air and aura in the room that was cold and had a uncomfortable aura turned warm and cozy as he thought about the memories.

Anybody would be bless to see it. If this news spread outside, no one would believe it if they dare to take a picture of him.

With that in thought, he turn back to his work with a happy grin. Before he could forget, he called Jackson.

"Yes, Master?" Jackson said with his hands together in front of him. He noticed his master's aura looked happy and smiled.

Seems like Eve has done something beautiful. As expected of the young Miss, we can only rely on her to calm and warm this cold Master.

Jackson took the phone that his master handed him.

"Print this picture out and place it in my room." The Vangelia said.

Jackson smiled and nodded. After that, he headed out of the room and started to do what he was told.

While with Eve's grandpa...

"Hah! My granddaughter is truely beautiful! Really beautiful!" He gushed as he showed it to his friends, making them jealous.

"There he goes again..."


"Um, can I have this dish please?"

"All I have is sons..."

"Sigh, this guy..."


I luv u 3000❤️

I luv Iron Man. I can't wait for the next Iron man movie!!! Yaaasss!!! I literally cried in Avengers:Endgame when Iron man 'DIED.'

And-and now they are releasing a new Iron man movie!!!


*flips table and screeches*

(PS: Got yelled at for screaming and screeching...

I-i mean, i...I was just...just...😓)

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