“Why? What’s wrong Karen?”

       Karen stopped walking and her expression was serious. “The stone not only prevents other shapeshifters from sensing us but also prevents other dangers that come along our way”.

       “What kind of dangers?” I asked.

       “There are few people who hunt our kind. For them we are an abomination. They think of us as something that must cleansed out of this world. You should be careful okay.”

         I nodded. I mean I can handle shapeshifting, but hunters I don’t know. The thought me being hunted sent cold chills through my body.  I am just a 17 year old girl living a normal life. I mean I know people would freak out if they knew there are people who could turn into others but seriously, Hunters?

         “You should keep your shifting a secret okay” she said.

         “Yes of course.” I don’t know how mom would react if she knew her beloved daughter was a shapeshifter. If she freaked out, then I couldn’t handle it.

         “You said there were hunters. I mean how do they find us?”

         “With help of the same persons our kind takes help to make these stones, Witches. There are some witches who help them in return for money. The witch that helped me to make your stone is a very good friend of mine. If the hunters suspect that someone is a shapeshifter, they will capture and torture us or they will just kill us.” she said.

          I became terrified. Karen then looked at me and said, “I am sorry Katherine. I didn’t mean to scare you okay. Hey, chill up. As long as you have that locket around your neck you are safe. Now please stop being scared.”

          I nodded and tried to smile.

          “Hey, yesterday you said you wanted a fake ID for you right, to work at the bookstore” she said changing the topic.

          “Yeah” I said.

          “So let’s take some photos of yours and then when I reach Pittsburg I can mail you the ID”.

          “Yeah. I would like that.”

         “I am leaving this evening. So how about we get it right now.”

         “Ok.” I said and then we went back home. Mom was still working in her office.

         I went straight to my room and locked the door. I thought of who should I change into. And then I decided to change into my Eve persona. So I willed the shift to begin. My scalp started to prickle and then my hair grew long, straight and brown. My face started to rearrange. And then the change flowed all over my body. After the shift ended I saw the same tall, beautiful girl who went to the club in the mirror. “Hello Eve” I said to the woman in the mirror. I didn’t notice yesterday but I looked a lot like Nina Dobrev.

        Then I started rummaging the clothes which I bought yesterday from my closet. I chose black jeans, a red full sleeved T-shirt and knee length shoes. The T-shirt was a little tight. I wore some make up and combed my hair. I left my hair free.

         I went downstairs and found Karen at the door. She had changed her clothes but was still herself. We have to leave before mom sees me asks who I was.

         “Come on let’s leave. Quick” Karen said. Just as we were about to leave we heard “Karen. Who is this?”

          Mom came to the door. “Umm. Sarah this is my friend Eve Summers. Eve meet my sister-in-law Sarah Winters.” Karen said nervously.

          “Hello Eve. Nice meeting you” said my mom.

          “Nice meeting you too Mo…I mean Mrs.Winters” I smiled and shook her hand. It was weird talking to my mom as someone else. For her I was Eve Summers. She didn’t know that this woman was actually her daughter.

          “I didn’t know you had a friend here Karen.” she asked looking at Karen.

          “She is not from here. She lives in Pittsburg. We both came here together. She is visiting her family here. We’ll be leaving together in the evening.”

         “I am sorry, where are my manners. Please come in. Have some coffee?” mom asked me politely.

         This was getting much weird. I had to go now. “It’s ok Mrs.Winters. We were about to leave. We had some urgent work to do.”   

         “Ok. Hey where is Katherine?” she asked.

          “She went out with a friend. She said she would be back by evening.” Karen said.

          “Ok then. It’s nice to meet you again Eve.”

          “Thank you Mrs.Winters”, I said and then we left. When we got into the car I said “Oh. My. God. That was close.”

          “Relax. There is nothing to worry about. She thinks you are my friend. So let’s get some pictures of yours” and then we drove.

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