A Severe Case Of Daddy Issues

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Grace's POV

"Hello Dad." I say, I see a flash of hurt pass through his eyes, but I don't show anything. "Skip the hurt, how in the hell did you get in a car accident?"

"I was on my way to see the Captain." He sighs. "But then someone decided to not turn correctly and hit my car while they were drifting." 

"Why were you going to see the Captain?" I ask, from the corner of my eyes I also see confusion in Laura's eye as well. 

"To see how Skylar was doing, and I couldn't call him, as you know they don't allow phones in there." He says. "...and to see if their was a chance I could join them." 

"Are you serious!" I face palm, half yelling. "I'm glad that you couldn't go because I am sure that Skylar would not want to be anywhere near you right now, not only because she is in a war, but also because you kept her siblings away from her for all this time." 

"I'm sor-" I cut him off. 

"Don't say sorry to me." I shake my head. "You should say sorry to her, she has been through hell with no one by her side except her friends." I sigh. "How would you feel if YOU had no family around you?" 

I look him in the eyes and he stays quiet, I sigh and continue talking. 

"Why DID she not know she had siblings?" I ask. "And why didn't she know where you were? Or an even better question, why did you leave her?"

"I left after mom died because I couldn't take seeing her anymore, she reminded me too much of her." He sighs. "So I left, and during that time I began to be sober, and I had a family. I didn't contact her because I was scared of what was going to happen." 

I take a deep breath to calm down and speak up. 

"You know what, I am just going to leave because honestly I can't think of anything to say or do." I get up and walk out. 

Laura's POV

I look at Grace walk out, I turn around and see Bill looking at me. 

"I'm sorry you had to see that." He sighs. "I don't have the best history with my family." 

"Oh I know." I say, he raises his eyebrow. "I'm one of Skylar's friends." 

"And yet I do not believe that." He says, now I raise my eyebrow. "I saw the hurt in your eyes when you said you were Skylar's friend, so you guys are either together, or you love her." 

"Both." I nod. 

"Huh, good to know." He says. "I finally know something about Skylar. Speaking of, how is she? How does she look?"

I keep on forgetting that he hasn't seen her in such a long time. I try and think to the last time I saw her. 

"She's tall, six feet to be exact." I say, that was a weird start, but he seems to be interested. "She has these amazing emerald green eyes that can brighten up anyone's day, she can calm anyone down with them. She is very calm, in any situation, and she has a way with words like a poet." 

"She seems..." He thinks. "Amazing, I should have never left her by herself." He sighs. 

"No you shouldn't have." I shake my head. "But, you were one of those things that kept her going, to prove you wrong." 

"Huh..." he says. "Do you guys write letters to her?"

"Yes, a lot of the time." I nod. "But she is in the war right now, you probably know, but they moved her into trying to save hostages." 

"Yes I did know." He nods, I hear footsteps walking into the room, I turn around and see Eric holding a letter. 

"It's from Skylar." He says, I take it. "Don't worry it's nothing bad, I know it's a little weird that I handed it to you myself." 

"It's okay." I laugh. "Thank you Eric." 

"No problem." He smiles and walks away. 

I see Bill looking at me as I open the letter, I read it in my head. 

Dear Laura,

We landed at the desert just now, and I'm letting everyone sleep. We are going to the first base to rescue the hostages, in total we have six bases to go through. And the faster I get through them, the faster I come back to you. Yeah, that's right, the Captain and I made a deal that when we finish with this mission I will get to go home early.

Anyway, I hope you know that I love you. And miss you very much so, it doesn't feel good not being beside you. But, at least I have you in my pocket, as a picture.

How's my sister? What is she like? And how's the hospital?

Well, I will see you soon love.

From, Y/N

"Oh my god!" I say, covering my mouth.

"What?" Asks Bill, a bit concerned. "What is it?"

"When they finish this mission they get to come home." I say. "Meaning that they get to come home early!"

"That's good!" Says Bill. "That's REALLY good!"

"Yes it is." I smile. 

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