Form Romance

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"You know what i'm sorry ok. I shouldn't have stole your purse even if I am going through a rough patch in my life. It shouldn't be any of your business."

His eyes showed hurt like he was about to cry. He was so fit so how could I shout at him like that. His deep hazel eyes came deep into mine I knew there must have been some kind of connection.

" You know what don't worry about my purse keep it but I need my bus pass."

"To make up for all this crap I put you in let me take you out."

I couldn't resist his charm and agreed almost straight away. As we walked out of school I felt the breeze push my hair back. Even in my penguin looking gear couldn't protect me from he cold. As I gave a shiver his scarf and hat. He looked gorgeous as his hair flicked about in the wind. As we began to walk to McDonald's he put his hand around me to make me feel warmer. He drew himself closer to me allowing me snuggle up to him.

We finally arrived at McDonalds and it was so WARM. As I sat down he went to order for me. While I was sitting there I wondered if I really liked him. I decided no since I just met him like 2 hours ago. There and then I decided we were just friends.

"Here you go." he said as he sat down opposite me.We got into a nice consersation and itseemed like we were best friends who we had not seem for ages. It was as if we never had an arguement like half an hour ago.

" OO gosh I have got to go now he said in a rush packing up all the rubbish on the table and putting it n the bin.

" Can I have your number before I go and your name. "

"Rose and 07566421901 see u later bye ."

"See ya later bye babes!"

He quickly ran to catch the bus and they drove off into the distance. Oh no it was 3 already time to go home.Once I got homeI sat on my bed waiting like forever for him to call me.

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