Love, From Afar

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  I stand in the center of the factory, looking for Sam as I need to say my last goodbye. Everyone was crowded up along with me, except Sam. Which hurt a lot. I wanted to say goodbye, give him one last hug before I leave.

But now I'm starting to doubt he'll come. I sigh, hanging my head down low and began walking away, the thought of Sam roaming my mind. "W-Wait!" I heard a voice call, and quickly looked over spotting Sam.

Tears had stained his cheeks by now along with some filling mine. I couldn't bare being away from him. I love him. I want to call him mine. But I'm struggling with the fact that Elton won't allow it.

He's standing in the way of our love.

Sam crashed into my arms, gripping my shirt tightly as he silently cried into my chest. I let out a shaky breath and hugged him back, never wanting to let go. Yet I know I have to. "P-Please don't leave." He whispered, the pain and sadness evident in his voice.

I sniffled and chuckled weakly. "I have to Sam. I'm sorry." I whispered back, caressing his hair softly. Saying those few words made me feel even worse than I already did. I have never fallen in love before. But it hurts. A lot.

"He can stay." A deep voice suddenly spoke, catching everyone's attention. "W-What?" Sam asked, pulling away slightly. "I said, he can stay. But I don't want him anywhere near you." Elton repeated, glaring my way.

I looked back down at Sam, watching as another tear rolled down his face. "B-But I love him. A-And he loves me." He retorted, angering Elton even more. "I said I want him away from you!" Elton roared, sending me flying into the wall.

I grunted in pain and dropped down, the pain of my already formed bruises paining me. Sam went to run over but was also shot back, landing with a thud. "If I see you near each other, I won't hesitate to hurt you both." He growled, his eyes now a dark shade of color.

I couldn't help but watch his beautiful form roam through the factory, making my heart ache. I couldn't stand being away from him. But this is the closest I can be to him. I felt my heart hurt further, watching as Sam glanced my way in sadness.

I ant him in my arms. I want him by me. With me. But that can't happen. Unless we end up getting hurt. I'm willing to take the risk. But I won't if I get to see Sam in pain. He's my everything.

And watching him get hurt, knowing I can do something, would break me into pieces. Soon enough, a hand was placed on my shoulder and looked over realizing it was Corey. He sent a sad smile and patted my shoulder before walking off.

This is going to be hard away from Sam. But I don't know how much longer I can keep this up..

(A little too short, I know and m'sorry. I have much studies but am managing to slide in some chapters for you guys.)

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