Chapter 39- getting ready

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Zach's POV
As Jack and I were walking out of the mall I see a Sephora store. I've never worn any makeup before but it wouldn't hurt just to wear a little.
"Hey Jack," I say getting his attention.
"Yes?" He asks.
"Can we go to the Sephora store real quick?" I ask him.
"Sure, why?"
"I want to try some makeup." I say shrugging.
"Oh... okay!" He says walking into the store.
I sigh in relief because I was worried what he would think.
We walk in and head towards the highlighters. Like I said, I just want something simple.
"This would look really pretty on you." Jack says holding up a golden highlighter.
"Let's get it! I want some concealer as well." I explain.
"Okay, let's go." He says pulling me over to the concealer section.
We started trying to match my skin tone to a concealer and finally find a match. It's not perfect but we can blend it in.
"Perfect! Let's go check out and then go home and get ready." Jack tells me.
"Okay!" We walk over to the register and check out.
Jack and I walk out of the store and call an Uber to pick us up. The party is in 3 hours.

Time skip to when they get to Jacks house

We walk in the door and Isla sees me.
"Zachy!!!" She runs your and gives me a hug.
"Hey Isla!" I say and hug her back.
"No hugs for me?" Jack pouts.
Isla goes over and gives Jack a hug to. Ava comes out and says hi as well.
"Syd is at work right now" Jack informs me.
I nod my head in response.
We head upstairs and Jack locks the door so we can get dressed. He hands me my bags of clothes and one of his hoodies for me to wear.
He takes off his shirt and I stare. I want to stop but I can't. He literally gets more sexy every time I see him.
"Take a picture, it will last longer." Jack chuckled. I just blush and smile at him.
I take my shirt off but I'm very self conscious. I feel fat compared to Jack and the scar on my stomach makes it worse.
"Babe, is everything alright?" Jack asks me.
"Yeah... I'm fine" I lie.
"Okay, are you sure?"
"Yes" I say pulling jacks hoodie over my head.
After a couple minuets we finish getting dressed. I fix my belt and walk up to Jack.
"How do I look?" I ask him.
"Great! We just need hair and makeup." He says.
"Okay!" I say.
I go sit down on the bed and Jack does my hair for me.
"I've been thinking about doing something to my hair." Jack says.
"Whatever you do, don't get rid of the noodles." I say.
"Too bad." He says.
"What?! Your getting rid of the noodles?" I say over dramatically.
"Yes..." he says.
"I guess your hair could use a change." I say shrugging my shoulders.
"It does, I was thinking of getting rid of the curls and dying it lavender." He exclaims.
I gasp at that and nod my head fast.
"That would look great on you!"  I say.
"Ya think?"
I nod my head.
After Jack finished with my hair he grabbed the bag of makeup and grabbed the concealer first. He covered up some pimples of mine and a couple skin blemishes but not much. He then grabbed the highlighted and put it my nose, forehead, and cheeks.
"Perfect" he says blowing the brush and closing the highlighter.
I look in the mirror and smile.
"Yay! It looks great!" I say. Jack smiles at me. The party is in 2 hours so we have 1 hour to get ready and then go to Corbyns house a bit early.

Almost to chapter 40, I swear this book has gone so fast but it won't end anytime soon. Hope you guys liked this chapter, I thought it was cute.

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