Bucky X Reader *Halloween Special*

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A/N So it was my birthday when I started to write this (Nov 3), I've had people asking me to continue it on a few other sites as well as this one, so I thought I'd write *special chapters* (eg. Halloween, Christmas, Easter and any other time I feel like writing one!) We don't actually celebrate Halloween in Australia (Actually I had to Google how to spell it correctly) So I hope I made it full of spooks (lol not really) and Halloweenish enough for you all (even tho Halloween was, like, ages ago). 

 ''Aren't they for the kids that are trick or treating (Y/N)?'' Bucky asked as he sat down next to you on the small couch and watched you inhale a bag of M&Ms.

''This is a small country town barely anybody has kids here, plus I brought them.'' You shovelled another handful in your mouth,

''Actually I brought them.'' He stated as he himself popped one in his mouth. You glanced at him as he munched on the tiny ball of heaven and couldn't help but blush at how attractive he was. ''Take a picture it'll last longer.'' He smirk noticing your (E/C) eye's admiring his manliness.

You had been living together for almost two weeks and in that time Bucky had learned to play the flirting game. 'If you can't beat them join them,' is what he had said, but just because he had developed a silver tongue didn't mean he could turn you into a jittering mess, at least not yet.

''Already have babe so why don't we go into my dark room and see what develops.''  You grinned and he pulled the most charming smile that could melt any girls heart.


''I thought you said there were no kids in this town.'' Bucky stated clearly not in the mood for moving from his comfy position on the couch next to you.


''Aren't you going to get that?'' You asked fiddling with the TV remote seeing as Bucky had hijacked your M&M packet,

''maybe, if they say trick or treat.'' He mumbled through a mouth full of M&Ms.

''I am pretty sure they say that after you open the door,'' You replied


You began to flick through the movies that were on which were currently PG13 horror movies or horror movies that had graphics so corny looking now days a three year old would think that they're fake.

''Seriously go get the door Bucky.''  You said, settling for the 'gore fest' Braindead.

''Why don't you get it?'' He said turning his body to face you, you could feel his knee brush you uninjured knee.

''Because you look scarier than me, plus I am kind of comfy where I am,'' you watched him roll his eyes and go to the door.

''Trick or Treat!!!'' You counted three kids who were dressed in mediocre costumes that looked very last minute.

''Wow your arm looks cool,'' One of the kids said,

''Thanks,'' Bucky said gruffly

''It looks almost real!'' The second kid almost yelled,

''That's because i-''

''I bet you it was expensive'' The third kid proclaimed to the others then turned to the Winter Soldier, ''it was wasn't it, I know because it looks shiny.''

''Well I don't know how much it cost actually.'' Bucky said as he began to shut the door, ''enjoy the lollies.'' He said, throwing the half eaten bag of M&Ms in one of the kids hands and then promptly shutting the door.

''So the Winter Soldier can't handle kids.'' You mused as he sat down next to you on the couch,

''I am handling you aren't I?'' He smirked and you rolled your eyes,

''I am not a kid.'' You smiled back at him then turned your head to the TV watching the corny horror movie, Bucky however, wasn't the slightest bit interested in the movie and he continued to study you.

''Trick or Treat?'' He suddenly asked,

''pardon?'' You looked up at him bemused with a confused smile on your face,

''Trick or Treat.'' He repeated, you thought for a moment.

''Treat,'' You replied with a grin,

''Fine close your eyes.'' You did as he asked and sat there awkwardly with your eyes closed.

 You felt something soft and sweet brush your lips. There was no hesitation about the kiss, Bucky knew exactly what he was doing and you could tell and it didn't take long for it to deepen. You could taste the milk chocolate M&Ms he had just eaten and you couldn't help but pull away and laugh as one of your many bad pick up lines entered your mind.

''Am I that bad?'' Bucky asked his confidence long dead and going off to heaven,

''no, in fact my lady killer senses are tingling.'' You laughed again at the look of relief crossed his face.

''Then what's so funny?'' He asked, he put his arm casually over you, yep your lady killer senses were screaming.

''Are your initials M&M? Cause you look so good I bet you'd melt in my mouth.'' You replied with a cheesy grin, Bucky only rolled his eyes.

"Mood killer.'' He replied as he leaned in for another kiss, you accepted leaning in as well and deepening it.

XxXxX Extended Ending XxXxX

''So I get the feeling you were pretty popular with the ladies back in the 40ies'' You said with a grin, Bucky quirked an eyebrow,

''No not really,'' He said not looking you in the eye,

''You know I've worked for S.H.I.E.L.D my entire life, I can tell when someone's lying.'' You said with a sly grin,

''Maybe I had a couple of girlfriends.... and friends that were girls that I may have gotten pretty close with.'' He said looking away,

''and how close did you get with those friends of yours? I mean you don't have to answer if you don't want to, but by not saying anything you're kind of saying something anyway.'' You shot him a winning smile and he just rolled his eyes.

''Let's just watch the movie.'' Was your only reply.

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