Chapter 31 - It's Monday

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The next day was unlike any other. In fact, it was pretty historic.

"Can you drive just a wee bit faster?" Mia clung onto her seatbelt in worry, carefully watching the time on the dashboard fly by. "Or turn a corner or something? I knew I should have just taken the train. Are there no shortcuts?"

Richard sighed as he tapped on the steering wheel. The stoplight overhead was longer than most, and he could feel the incertitude radiate from the passenger seat next to him. "We're in Central London, Mi. There are speed limits, as there are almost everywhere else."

"Come on, come on," she mumbled, her eyes narrowing at the empty street in front of them. She hoped that Richard would step on the gas as hard as he could the moment the light turned green. "I've never been late to work. Ever."

"Well, then, this one's for the books." Richard veered forward, accelerating at a rate that was legal, not living up to Mia's preference. He chuckled at her.

"Why are you laughing?" She glared at him with her lips pursed. The longer she stared, the more amusing it was to Richard. "Is this funny to you?"

"Ehm, no. Being late? No," Richard said, turning the wheel. "Of course not."

Mia pouted like a child. She ignored him and rolled her eyes before pointing to a curb up ahead. "There!" Instantly, her seatbelt was clicked away, unbuckled, and her heavy messenger bag was already on her shoulder. Her hand met the door handle, and she yanked it to no avail.

"Richard!" she whined when it didn't open.

"Are you out of your mind?! Let me pull over first."

Richard cautiously rolled the vehicle into a dragging stop. The moment his foot floored the break completely, Mia cracked her door open and jumped out, nearly running into a lamp post along the way. She reached the lobby of the busy office building in seconds.

"Okay! Bye, I guess." He shrugged.

Richard extended his own seatbelt and reached over to his left, shutting the door that she had left ajar. He smiled when Mia took a moment to shoot a glance outside behind the tinted window beam, a glare distorting her image. She waved at him quickly before running off again.

Mia's possessions threatened to fall out of her bag as it rustled against her rib in a marathon across the marbled floors. As the lift in front of her began to shut, she sprinted faster and called out for the lone passenger who stood center.

"Wait!" she exclaimed, her hand nearly sandwiched by the metal.

The man smirked and stepped to the side, making room for his panicked co-worker. He turned to her.

"I'm surprised you even showed up," he said.

Mia rolled her eyes as she caught her breath. "Oh, shut it, Calvin," she retorted.

The food in his hands caught her attention, but it served as a reminder for something far more unfortunate: it was already lunch time, and although she didn't work shifts, she did work deadlines.

"You missed it, didn't you? The ten o'clock?"

"Nine," Mia corrected. Her heart was pounding, pulse racing. She felt that the elevator was moving too slow, though time was withering away. She wished there were more hours to a day, or for just this day, she wished she could hit rewind. "I'm fucked."

"Yeah," Calvin said, plainly, sipping on his iced tea. "You are. Leighty was asking for you."

Mia gasped, her eyes widening as she reached into the side pocket of her bag for the keys to her office. "No," she breathed.

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