Chapter 8: A Plot to Control the Royal Family

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While Troy Branden and Elva Shepherd were being enrolled in Greywyn Academy (and training to be the new guardians of the secret library), an Elf was sitting in his chambers. He frowned as he read the news about the two new human children who were brought to Ostlea. Rumors were already spreading throughout the country that the two new human students would be named the guardians of the secret library hidden beneath the school.

Scaillus Shadowwolf wasn't the type of man who would let an opportunity like this pass him by. He would find a way to get into that library one way or another.

Just then, a boy came to him and said, "Sir, the king wishes to see you."

Shadowwolf frowned as he summoned two servants and asked them to fetch his clothes. They presented him with an extravagant suit and a pair of knee-high lace-up boots, and a short overcoat. The suit included a jeweled pendant and a crossbelt. The whole ensemble is coordinated in rich yellow and gold.

Shadowwolf had the servants dress him up and dismissed them as he bade the boy to take him to the king's chambers. King Hoxarret Silverheart held the realm of Cean Tarn since the deaths of the Ostlean Royal family and most of its nobility in a war nearly 20 years ago. His wife, Simala, was a member of the Elven nobility. They had seven children named Alina, Evidizan, Nemica, Chizea, Fluinla, Alypha, and Davra. The second child, Evidizan, was Hoxarret's only son. Evidizan went several secret trips to the Earth cities in the hopes that Hoxarret would conquer some Earth cities and establish an Elven empire there. (Unfortunately, there was no word on if the trips were successful.)

Shadowwolf entered the room and saw the king and queen sitting near the window. They were dressed in the finest clothes that money shouldn't have been able to buy. The king also wore a huge golden crown shaped like an eagle on his head. The king said to him, "Have you heard that Greywyn Academy has taken in two new students?"

"People are already claiming the children as the new guardians of the library," said Shadowwolf. "That usually happens every 70 years."

"Today is 70 years since our last two guardians came," said the queen. "A third student was with them."

"I know what day it is," Shadowwolf snapped at her, then calmed himself and said, "In fact, 500 years ago today, the first humans arrived here and built this land into a great empire; not that it did them any good, or did it?"

"Indeed," said the king as he glared at the pictures of the two children in the newspaper. "In my opinion, which no one would care to hear about, the boy is much too old to attend the academy," he muttered. "In fact, he would be better off as a servant for the noble families living here." He stared at the picture of Elva and said, "And the school brings in yet another orphan. Are we investing in an actual school or a fancy orphanage?"

"You should know that the school chooses orphans to guard the secret library," said the queen. "There's no other explanation. I'm not sure why the secret library requires that orphans guard it, but that's a mystery that probably should not be solved."

"Indeed," said the king. "But about the children..."

"I propose that we find out who these children are and if we can put another boy in that boy's place," said Shadowwolf. "He will be brought here. Lord Orydn's mistress has delivered a daughter and she has taken young Sheatala as her servant, so the boy will take Sheatala's place."

"Indeed," said the king. "What of the girl?"

"Her story as an orphan doesn't make for a student at the school," said Shadowwolf. "I will personally see to it that the girl reveals her true identity."

"As you will," said the king. "Right now, Acreln Stronghail and his family are coming for a visit and my wife and I shall bring him into our castle. I would invite you, but you are much too busy."

"Indeed I am," said Shadowwolf as he left the room. The queen shook her head as she watched him leave; something told her that her husband was making a mistake in trusting Scaillus Shadowwolf. She never liked him and she never failed to tell him that.

Unknown to the king, Shadowwolf had his own agenda for the realm. His plans included taking over the country and finding out what the secret library at Greywyn Academy held. He already had the king banish the Crown Prince Evidizan Silverheart for defiance and was responsible for enslaving several races in the kingdom. The people of Ostlea may hate the Silverheart family for killing the true royal family and taking over the kingdom, but they hated Shadowwolf for his part in the realm's destruction. Because he disguised himself as a wolf and attacked his enemies in the shadows, the people in Eglatwea (the capitol of Cean Tarn) took to calling him Shadowwolf. His true origins he chose not to reveal to anyone.

He reached his chambers and had a servant set out a glass of wine on his table. As he drank, he thought about how he was going to take over the royal family. The Silverhearts were the most hated of the Elves, who many people hated in Ostlea, and they were the most cruel and stubborn of the Elves. The king, queen, the crown prince, and princesses needed to be corralled.

He figured he would do that.

Shadowwolf pulled out a dark green cape and a green mask. He planned to pay a visit to the school and find out who the new children truly were. If they happened to be the new guardians, as everyone in the kingdom were suspecting, then he would have a clear shot at the secret library.

He summoned a servant to have his car ready and gathered his things. If this meeting with the future guardians went well, things could go smoothly. If not, the guardians had just made themselves a bitter enemy.

He chuckled slightly as he drove away from the palace. There was no need for him to inform anyone of his plans just yet.

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