Ch. 9

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[ Keys On Fire ]

The first battle was between Raventail's, Flare Corona, and Lucy Heartfilia from Fairytail.

Kasai hummed softly, as he remembered Makarov informing him about Raventail and how his son was the the master of said guild.

In other words, Laxus' father Ivan Dreyar was Raventail's guildmaster.

Ivan Dreyar

Someone who always gave Kasai a bad feeling, he couldn't put his finger on it. When he had first met the man, his scent seemed a bit off...


"Good work Rufus." congratulated Kasai as the man joined them.

Rufus bowed towards his prince with a charming smile.

"Why, thank you my prince." Before both them returned their focus on the arena where Lucy who was standing in front of Flare, determined. "Who will win this fight, the ravens or the fairies?"

"From what I've heard Raventail is quite cunning," Sting said frowning

"Both are enemies," explained Kasai as he turned back to the arena. The boys plus Yukino looked at him confused. "The master of Raventail just so happens to be Ivan Dreyar..."

"Fairytail's guildmaster's son" Rogue questioned with uncertainty

"That's right, they never saw eye to eye. Hence the reason why their guilds are rivals." Kasai finished petting Pabu's head.

"Explains the original name." snorted Sting snapping at attention when Taurus and Scorpio appeared in the arena.

Kasai stared at the blonde girl a little taken. Though he hadn't been able to see or return to his family due to his job, didn't mean he didn't keep tabs on them. And if he remembered correctly (and he did) the girl could barely summon one spirit for just a few minutes and now summoning two spirits already?

However, as Taurus swiped his battle axe at the Mage, she merely blocked it with her hair, all the while cackling loudly.

"Her... hair?" Orga questioned. Sabortooth's Prince frowned thinking to himself. "What's up with that?"

"...Is that fire I see?" He muttered, rushing over to the edge to confirm his suspicion.

And indeed it was.

Flare's hair was on fire as she grinned at Lucy, her eyes wide with pleasure as both spirits spared, trying to land a hit. They eventually decided to combine their attacks to no avail as she only blocked it again, forcing them back into the Spirit Realm. Her crimson hair taking on the form of a wolf, making a beeline towards Lucy.

But fortunately for the Celestial Mage, she had Cancer....

A hairdressing crab...

'The hell!?'

Kasai didn't know what to think of this celestial spirit...

When he felt a tug on his jacket sleeve, he look behind to find a rather hesitate Yukino looking up at him with pleading eyes.

"Can we talk? After the match? Please?" She whispered no doubt wanting the twins to hear.

Kasai frowned, but nodded slowly as Cancer left having cut Flare's hair.

Lucy grinned triumphantly, thinking she had gained the upper hand.

When really it only made things worse as she drilled her hair into the ground and burned into Lucy's ankles, spinning around in circles so that Lucy was constantly whipping through the air.

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