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Awsten almost wishes he would pass back out, and he did for quite some time after the food stop but he has no idea how long that was.  Keeping track of the passing time is impossible.  He tries to count while he's awake but loses track pretty quickly.  Besides the horridly disorienting feeling of being mostly unable to move and entirely unable to see, the heat is killing him.  The sweat soaks into the sleeping mask, giving an uncomfortable dampness to it.  On the bright side, the sweat is loosening up the duct tape quite a bit.

It takes a considerable amount of uncomfortable movement and is somewhat painful when he finally is able to do it but he manages to get the tape to slide off his hands and then his wrists.  He quickly pulls the sleeping mask off and rips the tape off his mouth. He almost goes right to pulling the escape lever but quickly realizes that he needs to get his ankles free first so he can actually run.  He gets it off and then pulls the lever.

Forcing himself to disregard the wave of fear that washes over him when he thinks about the fact that he's going to have to jump out of the moving car, he swings his legs over the edge and pushes himself out.  Predictably, he falls.  He gets back up as the car slams to a stop.  He takes off running and she doesn't bother to chase after him, simply leaning against the car and watching him run.

How are there no other cars around?  How is no one else here?  There should be at least one person, Awsten thinks to himself as he runs, his body aching horribly.

"Help," Awsten screams in the hopes that maybe there is someone near by. "Help!"

The sun is high in the sky, which is odd to Awsten because it appears to be about the same time of day it was when the stop to eat was made.  He knows it's been too long to still be even close to the same time, meaning it has to have been a day already.

Suddenly, everything becomes more clear to him and his surroundings that had previously been a blur come into focus and it's all so painfully familiar.

He's running in the wrong direction.  As soon as he realizes that, he comes to a halt, nearly falling over.

She called it home.

He doesn't know how the hell he didn't get what she meant before.  What else could she have meant when she said home? 

His breath shakes uncontrollably as the tears start up.  If he keeps running in the direction he'd been going, he runs right to the house.  If he turns and goes back in the opposite direction, he runs back to her.  He can't make it over the fence on either side of the road and even if he could all there is is nothingness.  There's nowhere to go.

Why was she driving away from the house?

"Come on, babe," Emily calls out, clearly amused, "either come back over here or keep going that way.  Same outcome either way but if you keep running things will be worse.  I'll go easy on you if you just come over here.  If not, I'll just get in the car and drive over to you and take you home and then go do what I needed to."

Awsten stays still for a moment before he takes off running.

"Wrong choice, babe," Emily shouts before making good on her threat and getting in the car.

Awsten runs as fast as he can manage to but outrunning a car is impossible and he's out of breath and exhausted rather quickly but he doesn't stop running.  Emily drives at a pretty leisurely pace mostly to mock him, show how futile his escape attempt is because he'll have to stop long before she does.  She doesn't have to really try because she'll win in the end anyway.  He could put everything he has into trying and it wouldn't matter.  He already lost.

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