chapter forty four - I

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We've been in Vegas for less than an hour and I'm already drunk.

When Nia said we were going hard for our senior year spring break I didn't exactly know what she meant, but when she poured us five shots of vodka each, I quickly realized that she had absolutely no intention of us being sober for the remainder of the day.

I downed the first four shots fine, but I messed up on the fifth and did that thing where I can't seem to swallow no matter how hard I try. I ended up almost spitting out the shot until I caught Nia's eye and she gave me the if you spit that out I will literally kill you and bring you back to life to take two more shots look that she always gives me whenever it happens. The liquid burned like hell when it finally went down and I chugged an entire bottle of orange juice which was the only thing I could find to get rid of the aftertaste. I could feel the warmth spreading through me almost instantly as I fell onto the single king-sized bed in the huge hotel room.

I'm pretty sure half of Pullman was on our plane here, and when we boarded I was planning on sitting with the rest of the students in the front of the plane, but when Tristan took my carry on suitcase and loaded it into the overhead bin next to his in the back with the rest of his teammates, I didn't argue. I saw James look over at his coach who was just staring at us like I don't have the energy to yell at you all about seating arrangements, and when James turned back he took Jenny's case and did the same.

We were perfectly situated with Nia in the row beside us next to Emery when their coach ambled forward and booted James and Jenny to the row behind us so that he could make Luke sit next to Tristan and I instead. He mumbled something about needing to separate him from Micah for "the safety of this entire aircraft," and all he had to do was point to the seat beside me and Luke dropped into it without an argument because we could all see the gleam in his eye - it said fucking try me McConnell, I'm not in the mood.

So I sat between Tristan and Luke for the entire flight, which would have been fine if I could have just melted into Tristan's arm and read my book while he napped, but I could tell by Luke's constant attempts at conversation that, while he'd never admit to it, he's a nervous flyer.

We talked about the most random things, and I could tell that he must have spent most of last night watching The Hangover because I've never in my life heard someone slip so many movie quotes into a single conversation with such ease.

Everytime he managed to do it his lips quirked back into a smirk, as if he was waiting for me to realize, and whenever I did I always laughed because as ridiculous and immature as it is, The Hangover is my favorite comedy.

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