Jealousy (Eret X Reader X Snotlout)

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(D/n) - dragon name
(d/s) - dragon species


Today was the day you would leave Berk behind for good. After the threat of Grimmel and his deathgrippers, it was the only option left for the Berkians and their dragons. You finished up your packing, bringing only things small enough for your dragon to carry. "Alright, (D/n)," you hushed as you mounted the (d/s), "it's time."

(D/n) squawked in agreement and was about to take off, but a masculine voice stopped the two of you. "Hey, (Y/n), wait up!" It was undeniably Snotlout. You sighed, bracing for his obnoxious presence, then looked over your shoulder. The young Viking man was running, more like stumbling, your way while Hookfang watched without a care. You laughed a bit at the proud dragon's refusal to help his rider get to you.

"Hey, Snotlout," you greeted with an amused grin.

By the time he reached you and your dragon, he was out of breath. "You weren't gonna leave without me, right?" He asked flirtatiously.

"Wouldn't dream of it," you replied sarcastically, though you couldn't help smiling. Snotlout had been flirting with you ever since you became available seven months ago. And although you had grown to like him, you weren't entirely ready to get into another relationship quite yet.

Raising his chin proudly, Snotlout grinned. "Great, so, you wanna fly with me and Hookfang?" He asked hopefully, "the saddle's big enough for two."

"No thanks," you politely turned him down, patting (D/n)'s neck, "s/he doesn't like to fly alone." It was a little white lie to get out of flying with Snotlout, but you figured no harm would come of it.

Snotlout was about to speak up again, but a massive dragon Cane down promptly between him and you. Skullcrusher huffed as he landed, and Eret gave you a charming grin from atop his saddle. "Good morning, (Y/n)," he greeted smoothly, "looking as lovely as ever today, might I add."

Eret was exactly the reason you had become available seven months ago. The two of you were together for a brief time after the war with Drago, but you broke it off after a couple months. You'd told Eret that you weren't quite ready for a serious relationship, but that maybe it would work out someday. This was the truth. And it was also why you were delaying going any further with Snotlout.

The awful truth of the situation was that both of them had captured your heart. Yet, at the same time, both of them were extremely annoying. And to make matters worse, you couldn't go a day without having to hear them bicker over who would be a better man for you.

"Thank you, Eret," you sighed, already seeing where this was about to go. Before you had to watch them start fighting, you patted your (d/s)'s neck and told him/her in an annoyed tone, "let's get outta here." (D/n) hissed in agreement and took off.

Snotlout sighed in annoyance and accused, "great, you scared her off, way to go."

"I scared her off," Eret repeated in disbelief, "you're the one coming on too strong."

And so the bickering began.

• • •

Thankfully, you were able to avoid the boys for the whole trip to New Berk. You sought refuge with Astrid and Valka, who gladly listened to your rants and gave you advice. By the time everyone was landing, you'd cooled down enough to be in the presence of Eret and Snotlout again. Or so you thought.

"Sorry about earlier," Eret's voice came from behind you as you began to unpack your things.

You turned toward him with a heavy sigh, "it's alright." You didn't say anymore, silently hoping that Eret would just leave it at that.

But before long, Snotlout showed up again, as well. "Hey babe, how ya liking the new island so far?"

Before you could even answer, Eret frowned and argued, "she's not your 'babe'. Show some respect."

"Uh how about you show some respect and just accept that she dumped you," Snotlout retorted.

You closed your eyes, trying to remain calm as the two began to go at it again. But your frustration only grew. And after months of putting up with it, you finally snapped. "Will you two shut up!" You shouted. Immediately, both men looked to you with shameful expressions. "All you ever do is fight over me," you went on, "who's a better man, who's a more suitable boyfriend, who's gonna win my heart!"

You paused and sighed angrily, rubbing your forehead. "Did it ever occur to either of you that maybe," you shouted on, "maybe, I don't want a relationship right now!" Both Eret and Snotlout were beyond embarrassed, guilt written all over their faces. "Gods.." You huffed. But after having released your anger, you began to feel bad for yelling.

With another sigh, you walled over to the two Vikings and tried to lighten the load. "Listen, I'm trying to figure out what I want in my life, who I want," you explained, "but having you both constantly bickering around me is making it ten times harder."

"I-I'm sorry, (Y/n)," Snotlout stuttered, uncharacteristically shameful. "I just..I really like you..."

"I know, trust me, I know," you assured him, raising your eyebrows. You looked from Snotlout to Eret and went on. "The truth is, I like you too, both of you," you admitted reluctantly, "but the more you guys try to 'win me over', the more stress I have to deal with."

"I'm just trying to be the man you deserve," Eret explained timidly.

"And I'm not saying to stop trying," you insisted. Finally, you gave them both a smile. "All romance aside, you two are my closest friends, and seeing you fight all the time really upsets me." Snotlout couldn't help but smile when he heard you admit that he was one of your closest friends. "In time, I'll make my decision," you told them, "but when I do, it'll be my decision. So don't waste you lives two could probably be really good friends if you just let go of this competition to win my love."

They knew you were right. Eret and Snotlout exchanged an awkward look, but neither said anything harsh to one another. It was a start. You found yourself laughing at their awkwardness, which lightened the mood immensely.

"So...just friends for now," Eret clarified, then smiled, "as you wish."

"Yeah..I guess I can wait," Snotlout admitted, deciding it be better just to be grateful of the relationship he already had with you.

You sighed in relief and nodded. "Thank you both," you breathed, giving them each a seperate hug. "Now, no more fighting, got it?" You ordered in a serious yet playful tone.

They nodded in response. Finally, you would be able to actually think straight again. And eventually, maybe you would even end up dating one of these handsome Vikings.

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