Chapter 2

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OK for the sake of this story let's just say civil war kinda happened but they all sorted it out and live at avengers tower for now!

Bucky's pov

Ever since Shuri helped sort some of my messed up brain out I've started to regain some of memories. Some good and some, well not so good. I remember things like when me and Steve were kids or me and my little sister Becca playing in our back yard but with every happy memory I regain there seems to be a horrid memory of my time at hydra and what I did or what they did to me.
Recently though I've been having a strange one about a little red head dancing ballet around other young girls, or at least that's what it appears it is until you get up closer and you realise that she's actually fighting and killing them all. I hate this nightmare memory type thing because at first I always feel so calm and relaxed watching the little spider dance until I realise what's actually happening and then it horrifies me thinking about it.
Just as I was getting deep into the mysterious land that is my brain someone walks up from behind me and ties my hair up into a bun in one quick motion.
I turn around surprised, not expecting it, and see Nat standing there with a small smile on her face.
"You looked like you were concentrating on something and I know I can never focus on something when my hairs all over my face," was the only explanation she gave as she continued to walk on by.


About three days had gone by since the 'incident' where natasha had put my hair up and I was once again concentrating very hard but this time on working out who was the killer in my murder mystery book, it was called the girl on the train, when Nat entered the room. She must of realised that I was concentrating again because just like last time she came up behind me and tied my hair up in a bun just like before.
I just mutter a thanks without really turning around as I'm so engrossed with my book and yet she still replies with
"No problem James, "
Now this confused me a little, no one called me James and I mean no one. In fact I'm not sure any of the avengers really know that's my first name! She was gone before I could ask her why, so I just settled back to reading my book.


This became a natural occurrence, every time she walk in the room no matter what I was doing she would come up behind me and tie my hair up. The only time she wouldn't tie my hair up was if I already had it up which I may of stopped doing because I enjoy Nat doing it so much, only may! The weird thing was 9/10 times when she would come and and tie my hair back I would be thinking about that read head ballerina who I never remember the name of or see she her face, it annoyed me so much!
One time when I was rather sad and annoyed about having this one stupid memory I couldn't remember as she came and tied my hair up I said
"Thanks talia,"
I whipped around to apologise when I realised, Natasha is the red ballerina! It all came flooding back to me:
The red room
I trained her
We fell in love
We tried to escape
We were caught
We were punished
She was punished!
I look at her in shock and she simply said
"You remember, " while tearing up but having the biggest smile ever on her face.
"oh, pебенка, I do, I do! I'm so so sorry I didn't remember sooner!"
"No, no Мой почва it's all okay you remember now!That's all I care about"
We basically stayed there cuddling all day and no one found us.


Soon after I remembered, I officially asked her to be my girlfriend and to my relief she said yes! She still will sneaking up on me and tie my hair up but the difference now is that I will do it to. Just like today I just walked into the room to see Nat and Clint playing Mario cart while Tony, Steve, Sam and Wanda watched or just chilled in the room. I pulled the hairband from where she tied my hair up out of my hair, walked up behind she and gently tied it out of her face even though she was turned towards the screen still, I could tell she was smiling.
"By the way," I say in Russian as I lean down to beside her ear, "There's a shot cut behind that rock,"
Let's just say Talia won and the avengers had some questions for us.


Sorry if that was really bad I'm still quite new to this but I hoped you enjoyed! If you did actually enjoy feel free to leave comments of anything you want to see!
Also I'm really really sorry if the Russian wrong I don't know how to speak it but it's supposed to be,
Мой почва=my soldier

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