Chaper 11

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We were now a few months later. My wounds were healed as far as possible. Jayden was already one. My handsome boy.

We just came back from the check at the hospital for our baby in my stomach, and had heard that we have a girl on the way.

"I'm getting a girl. A little you." he Shouted happly as we entered the house.
He picked me up and begin to spin us around.

"Brandon, I swear if you don't stop, I puke on you." I said and he stopped immediately and put me down.

"I have to go, there are important things that I have to arrange for tonight. Make sure you are ready on time." He said and give me a quick kiss on the lips and walked away.

Gala? Fuck completely forgotten. Can't I pretend I'm sick? No, he never believes that. I have never been to a gala. I need wine. Fuck I am pregnant, how I'm going to survive this?
Botox women in desinger dresses behave with class. Class? Shit a trait that I don't have.
I have a man loaded with money, and what do I do. Don't arrange someone who brings me some class. I'm so stupid why don't I think about that now? I walk upstairs to my bedroom in frustration. I didn't even arrange a dress. I'm going to be so fucking embarrassed.

I am searching as a possessed one in my walk-in closet for the perfect dress. Nothing is good enough. Dresses are scattered throughout the closet and I am about to get a nervous breakdown.
Now there is only one thing left to do.

"Brandonnnnn. I have nothing to wear. How can i go All other women have beautiful dresses, and I only have potato bags." I cry loudly on the phone. He immediately starts to laugh loudly.

"Do you find this funny? Do you want me to look like a fool?" I ask angry.

He just starts to laugh harder.

"Fine then I walk around like a fool. Everyone will see how good you provide for your wife." I say angry.

"Look at your bed." He laughed.

I walk out of the closet and look at the bed. There is the most beautiful gold gala dress that I had ever seen, along with shoes and jewelry.
I laugh nervous in the phone. "You know I have to hang up. I really need to go to the bathroom suddenly." I said and hung up before he could say something back.


Women hunt on men with power and money. Brandon had both and he had the appearance of a god. They didn't care that I was with him.
They flirt with him openly without shame.
I wanted to scratch their eyes out.
So disrespectful. I felt really jealous. Certainly because I knew that he had relationships with other women, and so they had a chance with him.
So what did I do? I just show that that god is mine and even better that he goes home with me. I'm his queen. And he played along openly. He only had eyes for me.

Secretly it excited me. He so dominant, powerful and handsome. Mine. I wanted to take his clothes off his body. Feeling his cock in my pussy while he fucked me hard.

"Brandon, I want you now." I whisper sexy in his ear.

He looked at me in surprise

"I want your hard cock inside me." Fuck me. I whispered in his ear to let him know I really meant it.

He apologizes to the man he was talking to and grabs my hand. We walk out of the room and he leads me towards a remote toilet.
It wasn't the romantic place to have sex. But I didn't care at the moment. He is locking the door behind us. And I immediately assault him.
We kiss each other hungry while he opens his pants and lifts me on the sink with my ass. I quickly put my dress up. I wanted him in me now, every inch of his big hard cock.
He puts my thong aside, rams his cock in my cuny and starts fucking me hard.
It didn't take long before we both came.

He puts his head against mine.
"Did you get what you wanted?" He asked and kisses me. "Rest assured I will go with you home." He said and kisses me more.

I pull him closer to me.
"I mean it." He said and kisses me again.

I let him go and we clean and dressed ourselves up before we get out of the bathroom again.

"I like it when you're jealous." He whispered into my ear as he squeezed my ass.

"Where did you get that handsome whore brandon? Give me her number." Asked a man we passed by.

Brandon looks at him and lets me go. He grabs the man by the throat and pushes him against the wall. With his hand he goes into his holster under his jacket, takes out his gun and puts it against the man's head.

" What did you say?" He asks the man.

"Brandon come on man I was kidding. The man said pleading, with fear in his eyes.

" What did you say about my wife?" Ask him again.

" How could I know that she was your wife ..." Bam. Before the man can finish his sentence, Brandon shoots him in the head.

This is officially the dirtiest thing I have ever seen. Blood, brain parts, bone, and I know even more flies everywhere. His body crashes to the ground.
I can't move and stare ahead like in deer looking in headlights.

He takes my hand and leads me away. "Come we go home my love." he said
I can only nod and let him lead me.

Along the way he puts his hand on my thigh. while I'm just staring ahead. My brain had to process what they had just seen.

"You are my wife. Mother of my children. Nobody but nobody talks about you like that." He screams.

Brandon that was really a dirty sight." I whispered while I'm still staring ahead.

He looks surprised in my direction.

" I hope I get all that dirt out of my dress. I got that dress from you." I cry.

He still looks at me in surprise. "That is only what's bothers you?" He asks me

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