Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

Dr. Percila Graham found herself once again thinking of that insufferable man. What was he so jumpy about? She knew there was something going on that had him on edge. Zane McCook was really keeping her awake at night and unfortunately, not in the way she wanted.

Never before in her life had a man affected her the way he did. Percy ran her hand down her neck in a slow sensual way, as she pictured what that viral man could do to her. The thought of having his hands touching her sensitive skin made her shutter.

“Good lord Chiquita. If the flush that’s creeping up that face of yours is any indication of what you’re thinking.  I would tell you to get a room.” Alejandro said causing Percy to once again wonder why she thought it had been a good idea to invite him to work with her.

“Oh don’t get mad at me because that hunk over there has you so sexually frustrated.” They both turned to look at the object of her obsession. There in all his glory stood Zane as he figured out a way to get Thor into the coral where all the heifers awaited.

“I think we should make ourselves useful and go help the poor man. You cover his front and I’ll cover his ass. Um, I mean his back.”  Alejandro said once again laughing at the way Percy’s face heated up.

“Alejandro behave. You know Zane gets weirded out when you flirt with him.” He really did get a strange look on his face that worried her.

“And that beautiful, is the reason Alejandro loves to flirt with him.” Laughing they made their way to the stern looking Cowboy.


As the humans pondered what was making it hard to get the bull to go into the coral. The animals in questions were having their own fun.

“Moo. Come on you big stud.” The cow named Annabel mood his way. Yet Thor was scared as hell. Never before had he needed to mount in order to plant his seed. Not that getting a shock to release his sperm was a walk in the park.

He turned and snorted at the mooing herd. “Moo, Oh you hear that ladies. It’s his matting call.”  Clarisse said as she too mooed in laughter.

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