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One overcast afternoon, Jessie was walking down the street with her head down in deep sadness, she had a soft orange, blanket wrapped around herself to keep herself from freezing, it was also a reminder of Frexy, since it belonged to her.

"It's been a week since Frexy disappeared," she said in her head. "Nobody, not even me, knows what happened to her...we searched all over and asked people if they've seen her, and the answer was always no...the more we searched, the more worried we got. After awhile, Freddy and Foxy decided to leave the rest of the searching to me since I care about their daughter just as much as them...I love Frexy, I love her very much...and I would do anything to find her and bring her home safely to her fathers...." She then looked up at the dark, gloomy sky "Frexy, wherever you are, I know you're out there scared, confused, and alone, but don't worry....I'm going to find you..."

Jessie looked around to see if there were any places she could be, luckily there was one, but it was a place she doubt Frexy would be, which was the dump, she decided to walk in and look around to see if she was there, she called out Frexy's name but all she heard was her own echo, she called again but still nothing.

After a few minutes of searching, Jessie caught something in the corner of her eye, she turned around and saw what she did not want to see, Frexy was laying by a couple of trash bags, demolished and lifeless. She ran over to her in shock.

"Frexy, what happened to you?!"

Jessie decided to try to activate Frexy, she turned her around only to see that the activate switch, as well as the battery, were completely destroyed, like someone punched them.

"Who did this to you?"

Jessie suddenly had a gut feeling, a feeling that something wasn't right about where she was, she then heard howling in the distance, she quickly wrapped the blanket around Frexy and ran out of the dump and back to the Fazbear Studio.

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