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AN// hello loves <3 so so this is the third and final part to groceries//e.d. ive decided im going to call this series ice cream, just because that's what it revolves around :)

here are the other parts, if you haven't read them yet: groceries//e.d, back to school//e.d, and this one, vanilla//e.d

(third person pov)

Even Eliana was shocked by her father's reckless driving. Yeah, she's seen him drive pretty horribly before, but not this bad. This, this was so terrifying. She was gripping onto the sides of her seat as her dad ripped through the highway, trying to get home as quickly as possible, swear words leaving his mouth.

"Dad," Eliana said. Ethan wasn't listening. His mind was running wild, thinking about all the worst possible outcomes if he didn't get home in the next minute. "Dad!" Eliana yelled again.

"Wh-what?" Ethan asked, peeling his eyes away from the road, only for a moment as his speed increased. "What is it princess?" He asked, trying to cut past the car that was driving too slow in front of him.

"Please don't crash the car," She said, leaning back into her seat as Ethan began to pound on the horn. Eliana shook her head, looking out the window.

They got home from the mall soon enough. The front door was already unlocked and Ethan ran in, only to see y/n sitting on the couch, face scrunched up and holding her stomach. Kian was right. Y/N as sitting in front of a puddle, evidence her water had broken.

"Oh my god Ethan, she's coming," Y/N screamed. Ethan's eyes widened as he scooped her up. Carrying her to the car, with Kian and Josh following, the three boys helped her in. "Wh-where's El?" Y/N asked, looking around.

Ethan looked back to see Eliana carrying Joy out of the house, the little girl squealing in her arm. Ethan sighed as she locked the front door. "Turned all the lights off, door's locked, I've got the bag," Eliana said, rolling the suitcase behind her, packed and ready to go for the delivery.

"Thank you, princess," Ethan said, jogging over and taking the bag and Joy from her. Kissing Eliana on the head, he tossed the bag in the trunk and helped both girls into the van, Josh, and Kian already inside.

"Ethan." Y/N said as Ethan finished strapping Joy into her seat. Poor baby was so confused. The others had already experienced this before. They knew what was happening. But this was Joy's first time. Yeah, she knew she was getting a baby sister. But she didn't know how.

"Mommy!" Joy screamed as Ethan squeezed y/n's hand and took off towards the hospital. Y/ N ignored Joy, unable to respond through her contractions, getting faster and harsher. This worried the little baby. "Mommy okay?" She asked. Y/N nodded but Joy couldn't see her. Eliana sighed, holding her little sister's hand as the boys talked to each other in hushed voices in the back.

"She's fine, Joy, don't worry," Eliana said quietly, knowing her dad was going to rage if he wasn't at the hospital in the next minute. By the way he was going to start screaming, you wouldn't be able to tell if it were him or his wife that was going to give birth.

Luckily they got to the hospital in no time. How could they be any later, with the way Ethan was speeding. Everyone was rushed out of the vehicle, Joy looking around, concerned and worried. "Let's go, c'mon," Ethan said, kids running after him, wife in his arms.

They got to the receptionist, where y/n was put into a wheelchair, and rushed to the last delivery room available. Thank god for that too, it was almost time. The room hadn't been used for months and was being cleaned and ready just for y/n as they made their way down the halls.

"Dad only," A nurse said to Eliana as they approached the door. The teenager nodded and backed up as Joy began to cry in her arms. The boys sighed, going to sit down in the waiting room as Eliana dealt with Joy.

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