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( since I'm not getting any requests yet, I'll keep writing whatever I feel like and my boy Kaminari isn't getting enough attention. anyway, this is also aged up, last year of high school, you'd both be 18-19)

You just came back from the shower. After you finished drying your (h/c) locks, you collapsed into the bed, still wearing the towel, not even bothering to put on some clothes. It had been a long day and you couldn't even remember the last time you felt so exhausted. It was Friday though, so you had a couple of days to regain your strength. The training has taken a toll on you. So, naturally, you were seeking some kind of way to relax.

You pondered for a second, but reached the same conclusion as you always do. You rolled over and opened the nightstand drawer, grabbing your Hitachi wand. You deserved to feel good since you've been working so goddamn hard and this was the reward you craved after such an exhausting day.

Well, there were things you craved more, but not all your dreams come true. Truth is, you had a crush on one of your classmates, but it didn't seem appropriate to confess. You thought it would get in the way of your goal. Becoming a pro hero, that is. So, you kept fantasizing about it without doing anything to make these fantasies come true.

"Whatever, this is good enough.", you thought.

You took off the towel that you had been wearing for a while and turned on the wand. The first setting wasn't enough for you though, so you turned it up to the third. Satisfied with the intensity, you positioned it between your legs and let your imagination run wild.

His head between your thighs instead of the wand and his golden eyes staring into your soul while he devours you as you moan his name like it's the only word you know. "Like that, babygirl? How about another round?"

Pulling his hair while he leaves bruises on your neck and chest in order for you to remember you're his. " I hope you get excited everytime you see your love bites and remember how you got them, kitten."

His sculpted body on top of you as we fucks your brains out and makes you shake like crazy. " You're so fucking wet, babygirl. I see that you're enjoying it. That's right, moan my name, let people know who's making you feel so good"

Him fucking you from behind as he pulls your (h/c) hair. " Gosh, you're taking my cock so well. Ugh, I could just..."

You couldn't help but moan. All these scenarios were making you light-headed and with every pulsation of the wand it became harder and harder to think straight. You could almost feel him inside you. Almost..

" Ah, Denki... Fuck."

You turned the wand up to the fourth setting. That was what pushed things to the edge.

" Kaminari, ugh, fuck, Denki, ah..."

You got really close to climax, your legs started shaking, you mouth was wide open, not even bothering to try to muffle your moans, your free hand was grasping the sheets, you were so goddamn close... Until you heard the door creek.

"Mineta, I swear to fucking God, if I find you there, you're a dead man!", you shouted.

You turned off the wand immediately, covered yourself up with the towel in a hurry and looked around. He had to be there somewhere. The moment you put on some clothes he'd be fucking dead.

But instead of the purple haired dwarf, your fantasy incarnated was standing on your doorstep. He entered your room and closed the door behind him, a dark blush covering his face.

" Uhm, I swear I'm not a creep, but your door was slightly opened and I heard you... calling my name and..."

Embarrassed was nothing in comparison to how you were feeling. He must've been thinking that you're a pervert. Ugh, you should've locked the door. What were you supposed to do now?

He came closer to you and sat on the edge of the bed, still blushing. At firstly he tried to look into your eyes, but ended up looking at the floor.

"If I'm not being intrusive... What were you thinking about?"

You certainly weren't expecting that question. How do you even respond to that? Whatever, you have always been more of an action person. Rather than telling him, you thought of going for the kill. There was no reason to back down now anyway. Also, how could you? He was looking way too good in those shorts and v neck t-shirt.

You crawled next to him and your towel fell off in the process.

" How about I show you? ", you said while gently grabbing his chin before kissing him.

He replied to your kiss passionately and you could feel his gasps as you grabbed his hair and massaged his inner thigh. Kaminari was a lot more shy than you thought he'd be.

" You're free to touch me anywhere, you know that, right? ", you reassured him.

" I'm just not really used to... "

Before he could finish, you cut him off. You put your hand on top of his and guided his hand to your chest.

" It's alright, I'll show you. "

As the blond explored your body, you started kissing his neck. The little moans that would escape his mouth made you want to ride the life out of him. Eventually, you couldn't hold it anymore and you pushed him into the bed.

" I swear I could just rip your clothes off. "

" Is that how much you want me, (Y/n)? "

You bit your bottom lip and took off his shorts along with his boxers. He was still wearing his t-shirt, but you couldn't care less. Finally, you were on top of him. You've been wanting this for so long you couldn't believe it was actually happening. You could feel him twitch underneath you and his heavy breathing made lose all of your control.

" Please be gentle at fist. ", you told Kaminari before allowing him to enter you.

He listened to you and moved slowly until you got accustomed to his length. After he stretched you out enough, you took the control. His hands were on your hips, guiding you and your were on his chest helping with your balance as you got gradually more light-headed.

Kaminari suggested you switched positions and you gladly agreed, finding yourself on all fours while he thrusted into you.

" Harder, Kaminari, please..."

" Only if you start touching yourself, babygirl. "

You happily complied to his request as he started getting rougher. One of his hands was on your hip and the other one was tugging your hair. He got more confident during this whole experience.

Eventually, the stimulation became too much for you as you got closer and closer to the most intense orgasm that you ever had.

" Fuck, Denki, I'm about to... "

He pulled your hair and whispered straight into your ear through heavy breaths:

" Go ahead, kitten, cum on my cock. "

That was the last drop. Waves of pleasure washed over you as he went slower and slower to help you adjust. You just collapsed after he pulled out. After a minute you could hear some soft moans followed by feeling something sticky on your back and you knew he came too.

" Next time just text me, babygirl. "

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