Chapter 20 - A Dark Lust

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Abbadon Pov

The shielding around Silver Leaf may of kept my army outside it's walls but they didn't hinder my entrance even slightly. I am an Angel after all. The dome like sphere glittered around the city. It’s force strong and thick like a tightly woven leather blanket. It kept most of my army a good distance behind me as they struggled to proceed even as they met its waves of resistance the closer they came. Pathetic weaklings I thought.

“From here I must go forth alone await my commands.” I declared without looking behind me as I continued towards the city gates.

I may be mislabeled as one of the Fallen, but I prefer the truth. I'm an angel who's chosen freedom over slavery. There is nothing ultimately evil about my state. However it is of great importance that the veil be banished completely. The Gods and their angel slaves need to be humbled. They constantly meddled with the affairs of Terrans in the first place.

Would it not be easier to combine the realms. The gods would no longer be able to hide in there palaces pleasuring themselves and commanding the fates of universes. Being the sole declarers of what is to be or not. Deciding right from wrong, choosing what is light, dark, evil or good. There should be free will for every being immortal or mortal. My brethren deserve to walk free side by side with whomever they choose.

The one born with the Divine Spark has matured and will now aid in my quest to bring a more balanced approach to all realms. It’s true the mortals have always been very fearful of any being different than their own. I suppose many Humans will be shaking with fear when they come to realize all their fantasies, myths, legends and lore are just a reality they’ve been hidden from. The times of living in the shadows and fabled stories is nearing its end. I plan to free everyone from this ignorance. It’s time for truth to prevail.

Donavin is the only one who can wield the key of fates. It will be his choice in which way to turn it. However he is with Leilah and other the beings of supposed light. If he only knew of her own rebellious nature. Her presence will need to be addressed. I won't let him or his new allies influence his decision on the fates of this world. Even, Lailah with her improved powers can't decide which path Donavin would take. Ultimately it's his choice and clearly she knows this as well.

I'm Abbadon the Angel of Destruction blasting my way in just suited my style. Who doesn't enjoy making a grand entrance? To deny my very nature would be a conflict of the mind and of the dark shadow ascension I promised my allies.

Of course there was resistance but these Fae and Green Elf guards were nothing to powerless against me. Like gnats you simply swat away after a rainstorm. With barely a whisper I casted forth an easy shadow spell. The guards simple bound by my evocation floated up and then remained suspended in air. This magick may of been nothing but an easy declaration of intent but it filled the room in waves of black smoke.

When the dust settled nothing could of prepared me for what I saw.  Like all beings I’d known the sacred seed was now given the immortal kiss and awakened in this world. Any of the supra-mundane could feel his presence but I was not prepared for his beauty. Donavin was stunning. A well defined muscular body barely hidden by his light armor.

I removed the hood of my cloak and his Aura radiated beams of golden light so bright it took effort to keep my eyes locked with his. Handsome and full of power. The way he stood there gallantly meeting my glare. He stood in front of his group free of fear and full of courage. A combination of his strength, masculinity and stance brought a warmth to my groin. ‘I will have him at my side even if I have to take him by force’ I thought as he continued to meet my stare with his piercing chestnut eyes.

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