The Pain Of Love

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  I jolted awake in sudden pain as I clutched my stomach tightly, rolling over. I groan out, biting my lip as I'm slowly pushed onto my back. I was kicked again in the stomach making me groan and curl a bit.

Blood dropped from my nose once I was punched in the face, sending more pain through my body. "E-Elton.." I groaned out as he towered above me, Corey and Jake standing around me and along side him.

Sam stirred a little before sitting up, oblivious to what was going on. Until another painful groan escapes my lips, receiving another punch to the face. "I don't want to see you anywhere near that boy! You hear me?!" Elton boomed, grabbing the collar of my shirt and lifting me up a little.

I shut my eyes tightly, bracing myself for another hit. "Stop!" Sam screamed, running our way before grabbing his wrist. I was dropped down, and instinctively hid behind my hands.

"No! All he wants is to use you Sam!" Elton yelled, stomping back to me but was then held back by Jake and Corey. "Elon calm down! You never said you wanted to kill him!" Corey exclaimed and pushed him back harshly.

Sam ran to my side, slight tears rolling down his cheeks as he lifts my shirt, checking the bruises that are bound to form. "I'm so sorry Colbs." He cried as he caresses my cheek a little. I reached up and lifted his chin, sending him a struggled smile.

"Calm down!-" Jake yelled as well, keeping Elton back as he tried to get to me. "You don't fucking tell me what to do!" Elton roared, his eyes turning dark as his hands tremble in anger.

"It's either he leaves and you stay.. or you leave with him." He spat the words like venom, pushing past Jake and Corey and heading down. More tears rolled down Sam's cheeks as I knew the choice he might have to make in order to stay with his friends.

Abandon me.

A hiss escapes my lips as Devyn presses the wet cloth into my stomach, treating the wounds evident. I bit my bottom lip and nodded for her to continue as she pressed it down again. "I'm sorry about Elton." She sighed, making me glance up at her.

"He's overprotective over Sam to a point where he'll kill anyone just to keep him safe." She spoke again as I listened quietly. "Why though?" I questioned carefully making her look up at me.

"Sam's been through this stuff before and almost ended up killing himself because of it. His past 'lover' had cheated on him. As pathetic as that sounds. Sam loved him so much. To the point where he'd do anything to keep him happy." She explained, making my heart hurt.

Who would have the heart to hurt someone as precious as Sam? The soft and loving bundle of joy. Who could even?

"I would never-" "I know you wouldn't. That's why I want you to make him yours. Sam needs love. He's so delicate and could easily be broken. I wouldn't imagine seeing him alone and sad." She cut me off, accidentally putting too much pressure on my wound out of anger.

I groaned out a little making her quickly pull away. "Sorry." She mumbled and put the cloth away, seeming as she was done treating me. I put down my shirt and ran a hand through my hair as I think things through.

I would never hurt Sam. I love him too much to do so. He deserves more than the world itself and I want to give him my everything. But I need Elton to know that first. Love can be painful. But in my case, it's worth it..

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