Chapter 10

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"Brandon. Get that stiff cock away from me. My head hurts. You've had enough. And it stinks of all your seed there." I said irritated when he started rubbing me in the morning with his cock.

He starts to laugh. "You are so sweet when you are just awake." He said and turned me around and crushed me to his chest. "We are going out with our little man today" . He said and kisses me.

"My head hurts. I just want to lie in bed here and die." I said irritated and closed my eyes.

"Come my love, otherwise I will stay in bed here and fuck you all day." He whispered in my ear.

"Don't you have to rule over hell?" I asked sarcastically while I lay down on my back.

He gets up from bed and rubs his still hard cock in his hand. "I'm going to shower and get rid of this boy myself." He said as he walked to the bathroom while still working on his cock.

"Brandon." I laugh and throw his pillow at him.

He turns and runs to the bed and grabs me and throws me over his shoulder. "You are coming with me now." He laughed in victory as he walked to the bathroom.


We were in the park with Jayden, I was lying in the grass staring at them as he was playing with Jayden on the playground.

"I go to the toilet at the restaurant over there." I shout towards him While I stood up. He nods at me and continues to play with Jayden.


I was washing my hands when a woman came and stood next to me.

"How can you be with that man and give him a child?" She asked in horror.

"Sorry, do I know you?" I asked back angrily while drying my hands

"Your husband killed my husband and son. First tortured them for days and then slowly let them died." She whispered in my ear from behind.

"Sorry." I only said. What should i say? What did she want from me? It wasn't that I wanted to be with him.

"Sorry is that the only thing you can say? And you are going to play happy family outside while mine is rotting in the ground." She shouted.

I turn towards her. "What do you want from me here? I can't do anything for you. Go away while you still can." I said to her and then I felt a few stings in my stomach. Out of instinct I grab my stomach with my hands. when I look down I see blood. Blood running out of my body.

" Quickly leave now that it is still possible. Go go go before it's too late." I whisper to her as I sink to the floor.


"If she doesn't wake up quickly, I will kill everyone here slowly and painfully." I heard Brandon Shout out from afar.

My whole body hurts, how much did I drink yesterday? someone can't wake up calmly. "Brandon please. Can't you hang the ruler of hell very far away from me?"you are quite dominant." I muttered.

"My love of my life, you did not leave me. I thought we lost you." He shouted beside my ear.

I open my eyes and see him hanging over me. But the room is not our bedroom. It looks like a hospital room. I blink a few more times but I am still in this strange room.
" Brandon where am I? What is going on?" I ask him in a panic

"My love you are in the hospital. A crazy woman stabbed you. But I have already dealt with her. I will never let that happen again." He said stressed

I think for a moment and then I remember everything.
"You killed her husband and son." I exhaled.

I felt no hatred for her. He had slaughtered her loved ones in a terrible way. This was the price that I apparently had to pay as his wife.

"Brandon don't hurt her." I begged him.

"My love, it's done. Don't stress about it, get better. Think of our child in your stomach." He said worriedly.

"What? Which child? Am I pregnant?" I asked him in surprise.

"Yes my love. You made me a father again." He said lovingly and happily.

I knew that I would eventually get pregnant again. We fuck a lot but I felt dirty. Never before had I experienced firsthand what kind of suffering he caused to others. He had no right to luck.
But my children were also entitled to a childhood with their father. What could I change about him if I was a victim myself?

He takes my hand. "You can't change me. When I am no longer there, someone else does it. But you don't do it. Don't let anyone tell you not to be happy my love." He said and kisses me. "You must be happy for our children." He said and kisses me again

"Brandon because of you I'm lying here. You might as well have stabbed me yourself." I said angry and push him away. "She is just a number on the list of many. Who will it be next time?" I asked him and closed my eyes.

Before he can answer, his telephone rings and he walks out of the room.
My life was a big mess, but he was right somewhere. and I as a mother had to be happy for my children. This lily had to die. I had to get harder.

After a while he came back and I saw that he was not happy with the telephone conversation.

"Brandon, I want to be your queen. The devil's wife. I am selling my soul to you." I said to him seriously.

First he stands still and looks at me in surprise. But soon a sincere smile appears on his face, and walks towards me quickly. Grabs my face in his hands and kisses me long and deep, our tongues dance lovingly with each other.

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