☆ nightmares

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PEOPLE are always saying things are a nightmare.

the traffic is too long and you're busting to go to the loo so that's a nightmare. you tried a new hairstyle but your hair was soon entangled messily around the hair tie so you decided to yank on it and you're left with a hairy spider-like thing falling off the tie, towards the floor-- and that itself is a nightmare.

you tried to undo your shoe laces but they were knotted too tightly and you cut your fingernails way, way too deep so it stung like a bee and that's a nightmare.

they don't really know
much if that's their idea
of a nightmare, really.

see, in jimin's nightmare it was all green, murky and wavy like the long kelp fronds you'd see deep underwater, swaying like a delicate ballet dancer-- perhaps trying to impress the damn fishes minding their own business, you know?

but the deep sea ferns are sneaky and they'd entangle him.

even if he was to wake up, the nightmare would scratch on on his ears, echo the screeches he would hear consistently, brush its cold hands around his ankles as though it was trying to lure him back into his nightmare coated in something called a "sweet dream".

it'll lull him to sleep again, grasp, latch, clutch tightly onto his beautiful body then torment him again and again...

ah, but what's a
without those tiny
black spaces?

it was something that was at the back of his mind: a quicksand was what he'd describe it to be like. it'd suck him in and shroud his delicate body with darkness and melochony.

he knew very well it was best to avoid those black spaces as he might not be able to live his life as a 20 year old again.

it was hard to breathe down there was was he concluded.

it was suffocating...terrifying, even.

but jimin wanted to breathe. he needed to. so, he sat timidly at the edge of his bed, drawing in long, deep painful breaths: expanding his lungs then releasing the air slowly. his head ached as if there was a toothache drilled in and there was snot running down his nose along with tears.

the deafening screams of his friend from his childhood drowned out from his ears and soon jimin could hear the sounds of the cars driving past his bedroom window.

his eyes widened but they felt like they were bruised so he squinted and cringed when the blinding light from the street lamps smeared gently on his face.

when he rose up from his bed, it groaned and squeaked, startling him. his knees were no longer shaking and his breathing was back to normal when he caught a sight of mila purring cutely.

jimin padded his feet towards the window sill, caressing mila's white, soft fur. it was like snow yet it was warm and acted like a coping mechanism for the young man.

he grazed his nose against her head and played with her small ears, the moonlight from outside spilling all over his hands clumsily.

one last tear cascaded
down his cheek as he
smiled affectionately at her.

"i'm alright, mila," he mumbled quietly. "don't worry, hm?"

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