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I'm getting more and more requests, so I thought; why not giving it a shot! 

I do not write about real people, so please only movie/show related requests. 

Crossovers, smut, LGTBQ-characters -- All fine, although smut to a certain degree; I have zero experience with BDSM themes and I don't feel like doing a lot of research for it ;D ! 

I'm  neither a big fan of reader x character one shots but I'm willing to try. (: 




♛ Black Sails
♛ Blindspot
♛ Divergent
♛ Game of Thrones
♛ Harry Poter
♛ Jurassic Park
♛ Lowriders
♛ Maleficent
♛ Marvel
♛ Mayans MC
♛ Once Upon A Time ► haven't seen the last season
♛ Peaky Blinders
♛ Pretty Little Liars
♛ Revolution
♛ Riverdale ► haven't seen the last season
♛ Robin Hood
♛ Sons of Anarchy
♛ Stranger Things ► I'm halfway the second season
♛ Teen Wolf
♛ The 100
♛ The Lord of the Rings
♛ The Hobbit
♛ The Hunger Games
♛ The Last Kingdom
♛ The Musketeers
♛ The Shield ►haven't seen the last three seasons
♛ The Walking Dead ► haven't seen the last season
♛ Vikings ► haven't seen the second half of the last season

I have seen more shows and movie than the ones mentioned above, so feel free to ask. :)




I'm not going to make a list of demands, just shoot me a message and tell me what fandom(s) you pick and with what character(s). An outline is fine, but I like a bit freedom. (:

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