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A fitted, slender chain sits upon Elio's collar bones. It sported a golden and shiny look. This wasn't supposed to happen, ELIO wasn't supposed to be here.

Focusing wasn't possible with that jawline peaking out from his mane of bourbon brown locks, making it even harder for  Oliver to keep control.

The cold and unhealthy stare sent him into a subspace of intergalactic wonder. Elio has never looked at him like that.

"You think I pull this outfit off?" Elio questioned, sticking those long, slender fingers of his into the dress pant pocket. The white and silk button-up was halfway buttoned, a flat and pale chest was exposed to the world. Splattered, though tiny freckles were spotted by his lover.

Elio looked absolutely stunning. It all fit him so perfectly, the white silk, the black dress pants that had silk tucked in it, and the gold chain. He looked as if he were a million bucks, and that's just what he was.

"So sexy," is what  Oliver mumbled, getting up from his chair to start his stride towards Elio.
"Stay sitting.... please," Eli whispered, sticking a hand out to prevent Oliver from coming over.

The blonde man obeyed.

The brown-haired kid was nervous, his heart was pulsing in his ears. He could barely keep up this cool cucumber act. Though his stomach churned, and his heart pumped fast, HE walked towards Oliver; making an effort to sit down slow. He slid onto his lover's lap, teasing him with his placement.

"Happy birthday, handsome."

Blonde hair was buried into Elio's neck, sighing and laughing to himself, wondering how he had scored someone so perfect.

"Thank you, Elio."

His deep and low voice fueled the sexual drive for Eli, and he shifted into his boyfriend's thick thighs. He traced them, too, lovingly smiling at how every part of this man was perfect.
"Perfect," is what Oliver said, and his younger lover was pretty sure that this man had just read his mind.
"Oh, am I?" Eli murmured, siding further up his lap and purposely grazing his ass over Oliver's groin.
"Yes... so perfect." A soft breath slipped out between the two as Eli continued this act, Then Oliver began to put his hips into it as well, and he loved the way his boy threw his head to the side.
It was hot, so, so, so hot. A humid heat had taken both of their faces, and Elio let his warm face fall down into a tan neck.
"Are you going to see Marzia today?"

Elio's head shook no to the question, panting into Oliver's neck.
"I'm all yours, l'amour."

Oliver liked the sound of that.

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