Chapter 23

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Ellie's POV

Thanksgiving weekend is starting today, and we are all getting ready to go to the ranch Billie took me to last month and I'm so excited! It's in a hilly, mountainy area so it's going to be cold as shit and I can wear layers upon layers of Billie's hoodies and be one warm ass motherfucker.

Maggie insisted on leaving this morning, so she had all day to prepare tomorrow's food, which we are all looking forward to. I love this family though, to be honest more than my own. I mean it's just me and my parents and they were never really around much which is why saying 'see ya!' was easy for them when I asked to go on exchange for my final year.

And no complaints because they are funding this whole experience and without, I would have never met Billie or Kelsey or Connor or Mav or Fin and everyone else, but I guess memories hold a higher value than materialism. But at least I'm making valuable memories now.

"Aye! Aye yo!" Billie yelled as she walked past me, making sure to smack my ass and spun around waving her arms around "Aye! Aye! Aye!" oh dear lord not...

"It's big daddy Bil, coming at you for the thrill!
Thanksgiving! Yeah! A time to give thanks,

What am I thankful for? Well let's start with pranks!

There's the time I smacked Tyler and the time he got punched!

Then there's the time I got him suspended and kicked him until he hunched"

She kept going and did an awful beat box in the middle of verses.

"Now let's move on to the next thing that I am thankful for,

And on the top of that list is my baby Eleanor!" she screamed, hitting the woah so hard she almost knocked herself over "yeah she might be annoying and borderline crazy, but damn her ass! It makes me hazy!"

"Bil stop" Fin walked to the car with his and Claudia's bags. Yes Claudia is coming! And I'm so excited, I haven't seen her for ages because she and Fin always spend time at her place and whenever she does come over Billie and I are always out.

"I am thankful for her laugh, I am thankful for her kisses

I am thankful for same-sex marriage cause one day she'll be my Missus!"

And now I'm blushing.

"Aye yo! This has been fun, and I hope to get clout,
This Big daddy Bill, signing the fuck out!" she concluded and pointed to her non-existent audience.

Shaking my head at her adorable rap I got in the back of Fin's car, pulling Billie with me and got comfy. Maggie and Patrick already left with a car full of food, leaving the four of us to get there with the bags in Fin's car.

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