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Percy and Thor headed to Central Park. They managed to get there fast, but it had been a little difficult for them to hide in the crowd due to their good looks and mighty auras, which mortals could feel without understanding what it really was.

Thor didn't know if Percy noticed the way the crowd opened a path for him unconsciously, probably affected by the feeling of power and leadership that emanated in waves off him. Some people with great egos would refuse to move aside and all Percy would do was walk around them absent-mindly, without even thinking that these people took his aura as a kind of challenge. The 'I'm super powerful and important so move or I'll walk over you' type of aura. It was ironic because Percy was exactly the opposite.

When they finally reached their destination, they encountered more people than the ones they expected.

Not that Thor was complaining.

'Oh my gods, oh my gods, oh my gods, this are the seven and Nico Di Angelo!' He had a hard time keeping back from hugging them.

Perch didn't keep back.

As soon as he saw them all, he took off running towards them, hugging first Annabeth, then Nico- who looked stunned-, Jason, Piper, Leo, Hazel and Frank.

The hero looked somewhere between happy, sad and relieved, which led the god to believe that he had a secret. He wouldn't push him to reveal it, though.

Thor was also amazed by the way he hugged them, with a stong grip that showed his desperation but a delicacy that no doubt meant care and love. It was something touching to see.

But then, the new demigods noticed him. Thor's happiness and tenderness towards the situation were completely erased as he saw each of their faces harden while they discreetly took out their weapons. It was something poignant to see and only then did Thor realize how fucked up the situation was. Sure he knew that they where heros but he somehow managed to forget that they were dragged into it. It wasn't their decision. And it left scars. Not only physically.

So he bowed.

He was down on his knees, and he wasn't ashamed. The only feeling in him was respect. Respect for these kids who had the weight of the world on their shoulders and managed to hold it. Respect for their bravery. Respect for their perseverance and faith. Respect for their actions, always so good. Respect for their strength. Respect for them.

When he stood back up, he met flabbergasted faces. In normal situations he would laugh but this time he only smiled sadly.

"Di-did a god just bow to us?" Leo asked.

"Yeah" was Percy's response. His voice seemed to get Annabeth out of her stupor and she stepped forward.

"Who are you?" she asked. Thor wasn't able to answer, though, because Percy started warning them.

"Do not freak out, ok?" Percy said. Everyone nodded, confused.

"I'm Thor, norse god of thunder" he made thunder rumble on the distance. Everyone groaned.

"Not other Zeus!" Nico complained in a whisper, which led to Jason slapping his arm playfully.

"Well, he's not. He bowed and that's something none ours would do" the daughter of Athena said, emphasizing the world 'ours' to remember the others that they were in public and that there were probably cameras nearby, so they shouldn't talk about the gods.

"I already took care of the cameras when we arrived, it was easy to locate them and even more to shut them off" Leo said.

"Did you say norse?" Piper asked Thor, only then coming out of her shock.

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