028; real life

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parker content at the end of the chapter 👀👀👀


Emily doesn't give him much food, mostly because she quickly grows tired of sitting out in the sun to feed him. She lets him drink a little water before deciding that this is getting a little ridiculous. It's far too hot to be sitting out in the sun like this. The Arizona heat is unbelievable.

"I think that's enough," Emily announces, setting the water bottle aside next to the bag of food.

"What?" he asks, clearly caught off guard. "I barely—"

"Don't complain," Emily snaps with a glare before slapping him across the face, "be glad you got to eat at all. I could've left you starving in the trunk but I decided to be nice. Next time thank me instead of fucking complaining—if there even is a next time. Maybe there won't be a next time. Since you're so ungrateful. Should just let you starve until we get home."

"W—" he starts only to be cut off by another hit.

"Shut up," she orders, "I don't wanna hear any of your bullshit."

He decides against trying to speak again until he sees her going for the duct tape and sleeping mask.

"No," he begs quietly, blinking back tears at the thought of having his vision blocked and his mouth taped shut again.  "Please, no, I swear, I'll stay quiet—"

"Why should I believe you?" Emily challenges, raising an eyebrow at him.

"I promise," he replies, unable to hide his desperation. The thought of being blinded and made unable to speak again for who knows how long terrifies him. "Please, I'll do anything I just can't...not that again please. Please."

"Anything?" Emily echoes, seeming intrigued as a million different thoughts run through her head. Anything could be a lot of different things, all of which would be fun for her.

"Anything," he confirms shakily, "just don't do it again."

"Okay," Emily replies with a smug smile as she stands up and brushes the dust off her clothes, clearly already having settled on an idea. "Kiss me and tell me you love me."

Awsten's eye go wide at the demand, feeling horrible at the thought alone. But it seems like a better alternative to being blinded and silenced for an undetermined amount of time. Hesitantly, he gives a small nod signaling he'll do it.

"I can't get to you," he points out when she makes no move to get to him.

"Try," she tells him simply, taking a step back from him. "If you really want it, you'd at least try."

"I c-can't? My hands, and my ankles," he reminds her as if there's any way she could have forgotten. "I can't get up."

"You haven't even tried," Emily says with a little pout, "c'mom, you can at least try, honey."

"Don't call me that," he mumbles, a now fighting back a whole new set of tears. "Please, don't."

"I'll call you whatever the fuck I want," she responds harshly, tapping her foot impatiently. "Are you going to try or should I just get the stuff now?"

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