Chapter Twelve: A trap

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Everything was dark. The only thing I could hear was my own breathing. "Wake up, wake up, (y/n)." said a voice, his breath tickling my neck. "Where am I?" I asked, my voice cracking. "In the basement of course, dear!" said the familiar voice. My eyes began to wander around, adjusting from the darkness. as I look to my left, there I saw Leo. "Did you have a goodnight sleep, darling?" Leo asked with a smirk on his face. I felt a rise of anger filling me up. "Untie me this instance!" I gritted my teeth, irritated.

Leo picked up a knife and looked at me. I concentrated my sight on the knife, "Want it?" he asked. I looked up at him, scowling. He smirked at me, "Then get it," he laughed as the knife fell from his hand.

The knife was in front of me, a few meters away from me. I was tied in a chair, my hands were tied in place and so was my feet. I looked back up at him again, "Good luck, love," he walked forward and began to lean forward. I backed my head away, trying to get away from his lips.

He pushed me forward and kissed my cheek. "Have fun, (y/n)!" he said as he turned and left me in the dark basement. "Come back here!" I screamed on the top of lungs, tears stinging my eyes as I bit back a cry.

I felt cold and full of anger. I felt weak as tears began to flow down. I did not want to cry and yet, I am. I began to rock the chair violently, wanting to fall down. I moved as much as possible and the chair fell, I groan in pain. I felt a trickle of blood coming out of my head. I looked at my right side and saw the knife a few meters above my hand.

I move my whole body as much as possible, desperate on getting the knife. I reached for the knife and began to cut off the ropes, stealthy as possible. After what felt like forever, the tie became undone. I moved my freed hand and took the ties off with the knife.

I got up and kicked away the chair. I saw my own blood on the floor, I wiped away the blood on my eyelid and held the knife on my hand tightly. I heard someone clapping behind me, a dark, malicious chuckle coming from behind as well. I turned around and saw Leo, "Good job darling! You did it!" he laughed. "You ruined me. You ruined everything I loved!" I said.

"Oh darling, I know." Leo replied as he shrugged his shoulders. I ran towards him, pointing the knife at him. He dodged my first swing and my second attack. At my third attack, he caught my wrist and pulled me towards him, "Dance with me, darling!" he smiled, an uncomfortable smile.

He sway me left and right, his other hand holding my (w/s) waist. I turned the knife, pointing it at his head. He held my wrist tighter, suddenly twirling me around in princess style. He was behind me, his other hand wrapped around my waist tightly, and the other holding up my wrist with the knife in my own hands.

I could feel his breath tickling my neck. "Wanna know a secret, darling?" Leo asked, chuckling. I stayed silent. "Simon won't be able to make it." Leo whispered in my ear, "What?"

Simon's POV

I stepped out of the private plane and fixed the white sleeves. I wore a black waistcoat with a pair of black pants and black shoes. I stayed inside a hotel as I let myself fell on the comfy bed. I stared at the ceiling, sighing. I felt a paper poking me on the side of my pocket at my pants, I slid my hand on my pocket and took out a piece of portrait that made me smile. It was a picture of her, her in her wedding gown. It was cut out though. I remembered that I was the photographer at their wedding.

I slid it back into my pocket and got up. I heard my phone ringing at the white desk beside the bed I was just laying on just a second ago. I got up and picked up the phone, seeing it was a call from an unknown caller. "I'm watching you." said a monotoned voice as the call ended without me exchanging even just a few words.

I looked at my phone, the number of the phone was erased. There was no trace of it, as if my phone had its own control. I looked around the room, the room growing uncomfortable. And then, my phone began to chime. I picked it up, "Simon, where are you? The plane is here." said Dean from the other side of the phone, draining away the colors of my body. "What?"

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