Chapter II

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I jumped from my bed and grabbed my phone to see a text from an unknown number. Who dares disturb my peace and quiet of reading time.

Its Jedi, where do you live? I'm on my way.

I rolled my eyes, gave him my address and jumped back on my bed going back on tumblr, about 10 minutes later I saw another text on my phone from him saying he's here. I texted him I'm in my room and he can just come in no one is home. I heard loud thudding steps to my room then he walked in looking extremely attractive. Even in just casual clothes he seemed to looked perfect. His hair was messed up in a cute way which he probably spent some time to get so perfectly messy yet contained.

"What are you wearing?" he asked me checking me out. I frowned I looked down at my light blue worn out jeans that had some holes with a matching large t-shirt that wasn't even close to fitting me.

"Its comfortable." I told him and he rolled his eyes, he jumped on my bed and pointed to the closet.

"Find a dress." he told me making me looked at him if he just grew another head. Who does he think he is telling me what to wear.

"No" I told him.

"Yes" he demanded.

"Why?" I whinnied not wanting to dress up.

"Because you're my girlfriend so you have to look good all the time." he said pushing me off the bed towards my closet.

"I'm not even your girlfriend." I mumbled more to myself than him.

"Yes you are, my fake girlfriend." he answered rolling his eyes.

"Why do you even need a fake girlfriend?" I asked him crossing my arms. I will not leave without an answer from his delusional boy.

"All the guys are pressuring me to go out with someone and it's so annoying, plus I want all those clingy girls to stay away." he answered me.

"Then why not just get a real girlfriend." I asked him pulling out a blue dress but he shook his head no for it as if I was asking him.

"I don't want to deal with the real problems of a real girlfriend." he said sighing.

"I'm pretty sure there are plenty of other girls that would be your fake girlfriend without hesitation, why do I have to do it?" I asked him holding out another dress.

"No not that one, and because other girls would expect something but you, you just ... you know, don't care about anything. Plus no other guy has been with you. Your like this shiny new toy no one played with." He said smiling as I held a black long sleeve dress that was baggy, it was a simple t shirt dress in a sense. I rolled my eyes and walked out my room and changed into the dress. As I walked out his eyes scanned my body.

"Not bad." he smiled at me.

"Whatever" I mumbled and curled my hair a little so it looked more controlled.

"Let's go" I said leaving him, walking out to his jeep. He got in and started to drive to some place. I didn't say much just shared out the window. This wasn't how my night was suppose to end.

"Okay, so the rules, you only dance with me, don't talk to guys and pretend to be in love with me." he said as we parked in front of some condo looking area. He grabbed my hand and walked to the area filled with teenagers drinking and dancing.

"You're rude you know that." I whispered to him as we stepped into the party crazed condo.

"Oh and don't take any drinks from guys." he whispered then randomly kiss my cheek which caused my face to heat up. He pulled me through the place and walked up to his friends. I felt out of place in this scene. The music was too loud, the people were too drunk. This was just ridiculous.

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