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2 month later
izys pov
chase and i decided to end things between us as things were a bit awkward and we were moving way to fast. we're still very close friends and we talk whenever we can, facetime every night. i never lost feelings for chase but i guess he lost feelings for me as he's now dating cynthia

diego and i have talked a bit, but very rarely. the last time i talked to him was 3 weeks ago, there is no chance we're getting back together as we've both lost feelings for each other and he has a new girlfriend.

avani and i are really good friends, we're really close and i apologised for what i did to her. we had a very deep talk about everything, they talk last for over 4 hours. avani and payton have confirmed that they're dating and honestly, they're so cute together.

i've gotten closer with hannah, we've got our own groupchat with just me, hannah and avani. we're not that close with madi or cynthia. they're really nice but they're a bit too faced and too much drama.

i'm not that close with the others (chase k, griffin, jackson, sam) but they're still my friends and great people to hangout with

jaden, noen, elmo, anthony and payton are all some of my bestfriends and i appreciate them all so much. before any of you say, i'm not dating any of them because payton's with avani, elmos with hannah and the others are just my close friends.

the tour continued and yesterday was the last day. we're now in california and most of them leave today, (griffin, chase k, sam, jackson, noen,  jaden, hannah and elmo) we've already said goodbye and those of us still here (anthony, payton, chase, cynthia and avani) will be going to disney land for the day.

"you nearly ready?" avani calls out to me

"yeah just putting on my shoes" i yell back to her

today i'm wearing my white thrasher top, my orange camo pants paired with my vans. i walk out of my room with my phone, avani and i caught an uber with just us two since the others have already left.

words: 371
a/n: sorry i haven't updated in ages, i've been really busy with school but i'll try update more frequently.

next chapter will be very interesting, i've got something planned.

also, i'm very sorry for all the grammar errors. i'm tired, my sleeping schedule is fucked and i can't fully concentrate.

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