Fun times

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Its been two months since I've began working here. It's the best job I could ask for.

After I told the others in more detail about my dream they told me I should listen to Primus. It's strange to think that I always used to wish I could talk to dogs when I was a kid, and now they are talking to me.

Bee is so cute. He is so playful and kind. Whenever Raph's around they spend their time together. Bee is Raphs guardian, as the Autodogs call it. He is responsible for Raph. When I learned this I completely freaked out saying "he's too young" and so on. But after much reassuring I accepted it.
His favorite thing to do was play with the little toy cars Raph bought for him.

Arcee was a very feisty girl. Always ready to snap back and show that her size means nothing. But secretly I know she loves to spend time with Jack and loves a good scratch on the head. She was Jacks guardian and I think it's a perfect choice.

Bulkhead is what I call a gentle giant. He was very big and strong, but under all that mussel was a fluffy teddy bear. He's Mikos guardian and they are a wonderful pair. They loved to listen to their favorite band (scratch monkeys I think) together. He loves to play rough. Chasing me and then jumping on top of me, but never hurt me.

Smokescreen oh he was another story. He has a good intention (acsionaly) but he's cheeky and a prankster. Loves to chase and be chased by me and to do this he sometimes steels something of mine. Like my phone! He likes to be scratched under the chin and when I get the right spot his tail moves faster than imaginable.

Ratchet is very grumpy and fussy but to be honest he's protective of me. Always warning me about stuff and pointing things out that I do wrong. But I'm not complaining it's actually reassuring to know I have someone like that in my life. He loves to be stroked but only when we're alone. If the others knew that he enjoyed it boy we wouldn't hear the end of it.

Optimus is very kind, gentle and noble. He is often asking questions and talking to me. I love to hear him and Ratchet tell stories of their adventures it's so exciting and shocking how all this went on in my home town without me even knowing. Optimus loves me to rub his belly and scratch his ear. The first time I did it I was shocked that he actually liked it. I only do it when we are alone, for obvious reasons.

I have learned about the other dogformers called the Deceptidogs. They are evil and I have only encountered them once.

While I was taking Bulk for a walk a grey and grayish blue dog with one yellow eye attacked us. He came out of nowhere and made me fall down. After getting up I was able to help Bulk fend off the unwanted intruder. Earning a few scratches and bruises in return. Thankfully I haven't encountered any other Deceptidogs since then.

Sitting below my favorite tree I feel a little paw place itself on my hand. Looking down I see Bee. He looks bored. "Hey Bee. Are you bored?" He nods his head and leaps on my lap. A idea comes to mind. "Bee would you like to dance?" His little ears prick up at the word dance. His tail wags and jumps off my lap.
"What song are you going to play?" He asked excitedly. "How about... Ill save you?" His tail wagging so fast you wouldn't recognize it, he ran to get the others.

Setting my phone to full volume. ( play song) I started dancing to the beat of the song.

Megatrons pov
I watched as y/n as I had learned to be her name danced to the song. Her body moved in tune with the beats and she looked beautiful. No stop I can't fall in love with a pitiful human. Her h/l h/c blew in the wind. She is beautiful. One day I will have you y/n and when that day comes not even Optimus will stop me.

She danced with the Autodogs. Jealousy boiled in my spark, my mind suddenly came up with a wonderful plan. Smirking, I continue to watch y/n dance. You will be mine sweetspark~

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